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lGeocaching - Outdoor sport you can do alone.

Vintage computers - The Hunt for Apple-1 computers - 2/29/16

Apple-1 computer delivered to the Computer Museum of America 2/16/16

First day packing for move to Computer Museum of America

Re-purpose ham radio tower to Wifi Amateur Radio KK4WW N4USA

Bugbook Computer Museum is moving to the Computer Museum of America

Datapoint 2200 8 bit computer update by Jack Frassanito

Computer Museum Web sites -Where all the old computers live & play

James (Nick) Cloyes – N4CL visit's computer museum

First Microprocessor ? The Central Air Data Computer in the F-14 Tomcat late 60's

Computer TK-80 single board 8080 microcomputer 1976

Computer collectors Museum - Peek at 300 items on display - Bugbook Computer Museum

Computer collecting heyday for historical microcomputers 1985 - 1999

Computer Museum Curator's Birthday -David Larsen KK4WW is 77 November 17,2015

Wayne Green founder of; Byte magazine; 73 magazine, Kilobyte, Kilobaud,80 Micro & more

8008 Microprocessor and how it became Intel's first 8 bit chip

PDP-8 Minicomputer Interfacing - How to connect your PDP-8 to the outside world 1972 

MITS Altair 8800 SN414 Microcomputer goes to new home 

Microcomputer Computer Museum curator looks at old times 

websites & blogs for computer collectors & historians  

Soviet home built computer arrives at the Bugbook Computer Museum

Discrete component electronics to Integrated Circuits - 50 years of change

EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory - computer memory

Computer Museum Curator is a hoarder of good Memorabilia

Martin Research Mike 2 Computer - vintage 1975

8008 &8080 - microprocessor -comments about the origin of Intel's first 8 bit micro chips

Computer Museum Visitors - love the retro game stations

Acoustic Telephone Modem for Radio Shacks first computer 1977

Computers & Amateur Radio's selling on Ebay - How to keep up with the lastest offers.

Alexander Bell demonstrates wireless transmission of voice - 2 minutes of history

Amateur Radio - Morse Code - it could save your life - you won't believe this use of code.

Computer Help - President of Guyana "Dr.Cheddi Jagan" invites us to Georgetown

Alexander Graham Bell - he was making a hearing aid & instead got the telephone - 90 seconds of history.

"QSO Today" How Amateur Radio & Computers provided exciting opportuinties -KK4WW on Eric's 4Z4UG's Podcast

Computer Museum - Curator of Telephone Museum Curtis Anderson visits

Vintage Computer Univac 8008 Microcomputer - Craig Solomonson collection

Computer Museum a look inside with Assistant Student Curator

Vintage Soviet Computer from Ulyanvosk Russia 1991

Computers and Ham Radio provided invitation to Bangladesh Embassay in Beijing, China

Jon Titus - Computer Pioneer comments about 3 of his careeer mentors

Apple-1 computer proof documents sell $25,000 at Christie's Auction

Apple-1 computer sale $365,000 at Christie's Auction December 11,2014

American Radio & Computer History - Two million pages of AM FM & TV Broadcasting history online

N4USA Amateur Radio Station at the Computer Museum

Computer Museum Assistant Curator Emily Wilson is off to College

Apple 1 computers annual inspection & Apple 1 computer at auction.

Computer Museum Curator's Birthday -David Larsen KK4WW is 77 November 17,2015

Vintage Computers - Microcomputers on display at "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum".

Vintage - Apple 1 Computer Clone operational at the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

Apple 1 Computer for sale Dec 11 - Bob Luther author of "The First Apple" interviews of people from start up days of Apple Computer

Apple 1 computer brings record price at auction of $905,000

Vintage Computer Rare SCELBI on display in "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

Vintage computers - "iWoz" Steve Wozniak's book by Wozniak & Smith - My comments - a good read

Vintage Computer - the first portable computer at 200 lbs - Autonetics Recomp 501 (1958)

Vintage Computer BBC Documentary "iWonder - History of Computing Timeline" using some

Vintage Computer - Super Jolt a 1975 microcomputer using the 6502 Microcomputer

PDP11/10 Vintage Minicomputer in Bugbook Historical Micrcomputer Museum

Vintage Computers -Graduate Independent Study at "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

Vintage Computers - What is in a Name - How we are named the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

Computer Museum - Busy day - visitors - music jam - Amateur Radio club meeting - Interviewed by reporter

Jazz & Blues Music Jam Session at Computer Museum

Vintage Apple 1 Computer display at "Bugbook Computer Museum"

David Larsen -Computer Historian -Virginia Tech - University Public Service Excellence Award - 1995

Vintage computing - Who started the Personal Computer Revolution ??

Vintage Computers - The Datapoint 2200 & "Computer Terminal Corporation" THE REST OF THE STORY!!

Vintage computers - The Hunt for Apple 1 computers

QR codes in the "Computer Museum"

Intel 8008 Microprocessor began as a 'Computer Terminal Corporation 2200" - an Electronic Data Terminal

Texas Instruments TI99/4 Vintage Computer new never out of the box

Intel 8008 Microprocessor began as a 'Control Terminal Corporation 2200" - an Electronic Data Terminal

Museum Visitors from Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Club K4KDJ

Vintage Computers - MARK 8 Computer - 5 different versions

Vintage Microcomputer MITS Altair 680 moves to Museum

Vintage Computer - Micro 68 a 1976 microcomputer made by "Electronic Product Associates"

Vintage Computers - Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum Warehouse a peek inside !

Vintage Computer - 8008 Intel microprocessor

Vintage Computer -Computer workshops in old Soviet Union

Vintage Computer - Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum moves to expanded showroom

Kevin Stumpf - his computer museum in waterloo

Vintage Computer -MITS Altair 8800 restored by Josh Bensadon

Vintage Computer - Jade Computer Products 1982 Memory Module - and Moore's Law

Medical and School assistance in Dominica by FAIRS N4USA

Computer For Bioche, Dominica - Donation by N4USA , FAIRS

Vintage Computer RCA COSMAC VIP 1977

 How to custom size photographs on your Blogger Postings.

Vintage Computers the MITS Altair 8800 at Frostfest - ( Hamfest ) in Richmond VA

How to build an audience for your YouTube videos - Three easy to use ideas - lesson #1

Computer Museum - Big visitor day with Techies from Rackspace in Blacksburg Virginia

Computer History Museum - David and Gaynell Larsen Visit Silicon Valley & Museums

Vintage Computer - Earles L McCaul - Author - A personal success story the last 32 years

Vintage Computer Volksmodem 70's 300 baud modem

Vintage Computers - The "Bugs" are 40 years old !

Vintage Computers - Where do computer collectors find them ?

Soviet Union Vintage Computers - Donating computers to the old Soviet Politboro - USSR - 1991

Vintage Computers or life as CIA Secret Agent for 50 years.

 Vintage computer Zaltair brochure from 1977 West Coast Computer Faire

Vintage Zaltair Computer that never was - One of Steve Woznaik's best pranks

Vintage Computer - Minuteman 1 Missile D-17B guidance computer - David Larsen, Testing & Engineering 1960

Vintage Rare Apple 1 Computer for Sale

Remington Rand Univac - 1957 - My introduction to vintage computers 56 years ago at age 19 - David Larsen

Vintage PDP8S - Bob Rosenbloom has his new (50 year old) Digital Equipment Corporation minicomputer operational

Old computer things and Computer History makers - collection of short short stories

PDP1 Vintage Computer at the Computer History Museum - Mountain View , California

Break from Computers - A visit to the Wine Country of Napa California by David & Gaynell Larsen

Visiting Intel, Computer History Museum, Apple Co., Fry's, Weird Stuff store, Bob Rosenblooms computer collection - big day

Vintage Computer - A look at new home for the Bugbook Computer Museum's PDP8S minicomputer

Computer History - A resource for Computer Museums, Microcomputer Blogs, & Computer Historical Information

Computer Collecting is great but their is additional life at our Chantilly Farm

Microcomputer - Micro-Designer MD-1 one of the first complete educational / design Microcomputer Systems

 Computer History Museum - A planned visit to California to see Computer Collectors Bob Rosenbloom & Lyle Bickley + Museum

Wayne Green 91,died September 13th - Renegade & Pioneer in Ham Radio, Computers, Travel, Health & More.

Vintage Computers - Apple 2 Computer Pirates - The Franklin Computers

 PDP 8S Minicomputer discovered hidden in warehouse

Amateur Radio Friends from Dominica Visit Floyd Virginia

Computer Historian David Greelish is going to keep us laughing !!!!

PDP-8/e Replica - build your own

First Single Board Computer 

Vintage Computer - Lewis Kornfield , Radio Shack president Died Friday August 16,2013 : He was President in 1977 Producing the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1

"The First Apple" A fresh look at Apple 1 computer pioneers / collectors by Author, Bob Luther - His Book

Vintage Computer - Jack Rubin heads for Chicago with PDP8I Minicomputer for his collection

Vintage Minicomputers PDP8s & PDP8 find new home in California

Bob Rosenbloom is heading to Virginia for vintage PDP computers for his Collection

Vintage Computers - Apple Computer Historical data

Vintage Computer 1958 Transistor Logic - Autonetics Recomp

Vintage Computers - WVTF Public Radio & why we call our museum "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

Vintage Calculator / Computer Historical Information

Vintage Computer Museum - Student Curator's

Organs on a Chip - New chip simulates body function

PDP 8 Vintage Computer finds new home in the 'Win" Collection

Amateur Radio Operator for Six Decades KK4WW David Larsen

Apple 1 computer Sells for $387,000 at Christie's Auction July

Computer Mouse Inventor Douglas C. Engelbart Died Tuseday July 2,2013

Professor Paul E. Field - "A Celebration of his life" - my friend

Vintage Apple 1 computer - Five Owners meet including Steve Wozniak

Computer conference - THE FIRST WEST COAST COMPUTER FAIRE APRIL 15-17,1977

Vintage Intel Computer - 4 bit MCS-4 Intellec 4 Microcomputer 

Vintage Computer Magazine - BYTE

Vintage Apple 1 Computer sells for over $600,000 at Breker auction 5-25-13

S100 Computers - Great web site for  S100 and other Vintage Microcomputers

Books for Computer and Calculator Collectors Historians

EPROM Memory 1702A -Made microcomputers, robotics and microcontrollers pratical 1971

Microcomputer Collector "Win Heagy' Visits 'Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum' 4-19-13 

Computer Pioneers and Microcomputer History Makers

History of Microcomputers - David's Lecture at New River Community College

Brainiac Computer Trainer 1959 

Computer Pioneer "Adam Osborne"

Computer Intel MCB8-10 Microcomputer 1972

Vintage computer SCELBI 8B Microcomputer 1975

Vintage Micrcomputer Collector Memorabilia - Titus 8080 Microprossor Slide Rule

Vintage Sphere Computer at the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

History of Microcomputers - Short introduction about early Geeks in the Microcomputer Revolution 

Vintage Computer MARK 8 sent to MARCH in Wall NJ

Vintage Computer Apple 1 Microcomputer in the Bugbook Microcomputer Museum Floyd Virginia

Vintage Computer Festival Southeast

Micro-Professor Computer MPF-1B trainer shows up in Goodwill store

Computer Museum Visitor 'Dr. Dave Filer' from New River Community College 

Microcomputer History  Your Own copy of " Historically Brewed " by David Greelish

MARK 8 Personal Computer 1974

Antique Microcomputer Historical Museum LCF Group Floyd Virginia

Amazing Edison Vacuum Tubes

Rare Apple 1 Computer Bugbook computer Museum 

Large Collection of Rare Microcomputers


"by David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector/ Historian


  1. I am enjoying writing about historical microcomputers and some of those in my 40 years of collecting. It really brings back memories for me. It was and is exciting to have been teaching and writing during the start of the microcomputer revolution. I taught Instrumentation and Automation at Virginia Tech. I was fortunate to be a tenured faculty member during 1967 - 1998.

    1. Here is a link to my Apple-1 video's

      Link to my computer museum video's

      Dave curator here at the Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum.


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