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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MMD-1 Vintage 8080 Microcomputer reported to be the First Single Board Computer

 The first single board computer - MMD1
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Original Prototype MMD1
 The Microcomputer Trainer MMD -1 designed by John Titus is in the Wikipedia listing for Single Board Computers as the first single board microcomputer.

Production Model
We originally called the computer "Dyna -Micro" and the the production units were called "MMD1" - that was just short for 'Mini Micro Designer'. The Wikipedia listing for the single board computer does not mention John Titus as the designer - it does mention the computer was made popular by  Bugbooks. Bugbooks 5 and 6  used with this computer. An
original prototype is on display in our "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum".

John Titus tells in his own words the development of the MMD-1 computer

 The second item about the microcomputer pioneering work by John Titus ----

Dr. John Titus
The  MARK8 computer construction article published in the July 1974 Radio Electronics  by John Titus was a Milestone for the magazine in the computer revolution. According to Wikipedia - Radio-Electronics featured audio, radio, television and computer technology. The most notable articles were the TV Typewriter (September 1973)[1] and the Mark-8 computer (July 1974).[2] These two issues are considered milestones in the home computer revolution.[3]

Here is where you can get a real good view of John's 'MARK8' work - this was put together by authors at Florida Gulf Coast University and was copyright 2007.   

Here are some really nice comments John made about our work together more than 35 years ago.

Me - David

 It has always been a great pleasure for me to be a colleague of Dr. John Titus. The work we did together in the 'Blacksburg Group' 38 years ago was a real highlight in my electronics and computer journey. John is retired and living in Utah near family. Thank you John for the memories.
"By David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector Historian  
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