Pioneers - Microcomputer & PC Revolution

    David makes a few comments about how this page will help you learn about the pioneers. 
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Names are not in any order or ranking -this is short list - More then 1000 pioneers are featured in Bob Denton's book "The PC Pioneers".- Learn about each one - CLICK 'NAME'
Sol Libes   
John Titus 
Steve Wozniak  
Steve Jobs
Nat Wadsworth      More info
Wayne Green  
Ed Roberts
Adam Osborne   More  &more
Lee Felsenstein
Gary Kindall  More info
Chuck Peddle 
Alan Kay  Inteview
Bill Moggridge More Bill designed the Grid Compass
Bill Gates more info
Paul Allen  more info
Ted Hoff   
Gordon Moore 
Andrew Grove 
Bob Denton  more
Ray Holt 

"by David Larsen" See Videos of Dave's Historical Computer Collection CLICK

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