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The Bluegrass music on this blog is the theme song for our Chantilly Festival Farm "Chantilly Shuffle" (video) . This music was composed by Bernie Coveney our good friend & a musician here in Floyd County Virginia. I hope you don't mind having this on the blog. It can be controlled with the player on the bottom of the screen.

I have remove the player however you can still listen with player in this post.

Here is the best recording of our theme song "Chantilly Shuffle"

 See Videos about Dave's Historical Computer Collection CLICK

In addition to my computer collecting I developed Chantilly Festival Farm
Bluegrass lovers  video of folks playing the "Chantilly Shuffle" CLICK  
"Blackberries" Youth Bluegrass band at Chantilly Bluegrass Festival CLICK

Thank you , "by David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector/Historian

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  1. No one has commented so hope you like this - take a look at the video and you can see the Shuffle being played at our 3rd annual Bluegrass Festival. The link is in the text above. Thank you Bernie for this great music. Dave


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