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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Computer Mouse Inventor Douglas C. Engelbart Died Tuseday July 2,2013

The inventor of the simple but powerful computer Mouse Douglas C. Engelbart died on Tuesday July 2,2013. The mouse is the physical link that connects most people to their computer. Douglas invented the Mouse in 1968. He did much of his work in an experimental research group at Stanford Research Institute.

Douglas C. Engelbart

Here is the story as reported by the New York Times.

More historical information for the serious history buffs - This is 35 video clips made from a 100 minute presentation December 9th 1968 of the mouse and much more - when you go to this site it takes you to the bottom of the site it will view better if you  scroll to the top for short clips and info - from the Engelbart Collection in Special Collections of Stanford University.

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The inventors of much of the computer technology we use today are passing on. I hope their stories are recorded for future generations. Their are thousands of interesting people and stories about these inventors that were able to 'Think Outside The Box' and I am fortunate to have known a few of them personally.