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Friday, July 11, 2014

David Larsen -Computer Historian -Virginia Tech - University Public Service Excellence Award - 1995

David Larsen KK4WW
David Larsen
I am pleased with this award for my teaching courses about Electronics and Computers at Virginia Tech (VT) & outreach in many other countries. This award was listed on the VT web site for 25 years however when the VT web site was rebuilt these older awards were not include -- So I have posted it here.
WOW just found that after several months the VT post is back up in a new web site.

The text of the award gives a good description of my 31 years of teaching "Electronics for Scientist" courses at VT.

             Click on document to enlarge.

A little congratulation by the big guys on VT campus.
Photo L-R Me David Larsen : Dr. Richard Gandor, my department head : Dr. Ted Torgenson, President of Virginia Tech. 1995.

The award had some nice cash with it and I donated the cash to our "Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service" .

             "By David Larsen"

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