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Apple 1 Computer display at "Bugbook Computer Museum"

Bugbook Museum Bugs
Bugs with Apple 1 "Click to enlarge"
We have several original Apple 1 Microcomputer in our Historical collection however at this time we do not feel our security is appropriate to have them on display in the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum" 24/7.  Most of our patrons really want to see the real THING. I feel the same way --- So we have a clone Apple 1 built by Brandon Cholodenko on display until we feel confident about displaying the originals.

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Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Apple 1 computer display 

The Apple 1 computer is displayed  beautifully on top of this six sided glass pedestal with some photos and other documents inside the pedestal.

Here is a video of one our original Apple 1 computers I purchased from Adam Schoolsky in 1994 

bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Apple 1 computer display

Documents  inside the pedestal.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Apple 1 computer display

Copy of letter sent out by Steve Jobs offering to take an Apple 1 + $400 in trade for an Apple 11. The trade in offer reduced the number of original Apple 1 computers down from the 200 to a much lower number within a year of the introduction of the Apple 1.

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Bugbook Computer Museum
Brandon Cholodenko
We contacted Brandon Cholodenko about building the Apple 1 clone computer for the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum" in Floyd Virginia.  We are extremely pleased with the computer and other items Brandon put together for our display. This is an operational computer and a replica as close as possible to an original Apple 1 computer. Brandon started with the Apple 1 PC board from Mike Willegal. Even some of the components are date coded in the at the time the original computers - 1976 or earlier. 200 Apple 1 computers were made by the Apple Company  in 1976 and about 50 still are in collections and museum.

Brandon Cholodenko tells about building this clone Apple 1 computer

A very Big Thank you to Brandon for helping build this Apple 1 display.

Here is Brandon's Twitter Account - send him a note about nice work he did on this Apple 1 project.

Here is a video of the museum and Apple 1 display "CLICK"

It has been a joy to work with Brandon Cholodenko and to set up this display in our Museum. We are located in Floyd Virginia - just 6 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Come visit the museum - we also have a lot of mountain music and artisans in our community.
"by David Larsen"

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