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Amateur Radio - Volunteer to help Hurricane Ham Radio recovery - Dominica

Amateur Radio in Dominica - Volunteer
provides valuable emergency Communications

There remains a lot of work to be done to 
be ready for the next emergency 
You can help with Recovery and enjoy a visit to the 

The amateur radio operators in Dominica provided critical Emergency Communications after Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the Island in 2017. That seems a long time ago, however, a lot of work is still needed to be ready for the next  major disaster.  The members of the "Dominica Amateur Radio Club Inc" (DARCI) have been working hard to have all the interested amateur radio operators ready.  They have been helping with repairing the club station, radios, antennas, training new hams, and partnering with local & official groups to build a network of ready hams and equipment. 

Click on photo to enlarge
Dominica Amateur
Radio Club site.

David "KK4WW/J79WW" and Gaynell "KK4WWW/J79WWW" visited Dominica in late January 2020 as Directors of the "Foundation for Amateur  International Radio Service" (FAIRS) and worked with DARCI. We provided service and equipment for the Club.  See short report on the visit  "CLICK"

See location on Google Maps "Click DARCI"

Joseph J73JT in
Castle Bruce - Dominica
The Hurricane Maria was a category 5 storm - an extreme storm - reportedly more severe than the very intense hurricane "David" in 1979. Many ham radio operators that were able provided emergency communications.

A photo of Joseph J73JT and his HF/VHF/UHF station in the East Coast Village of Castle Bruce. Joseph was ready when Maria damaged the island. Power/water/internet and telephones were out of commissions for a number of months. Joseph packed up his station along with solar power and made his way to the village medical clinic. He was the only source of critical communication for a number of months from his village.

I mention Joseph because he was the first one who invited FAIRS to visit and help the Dominica Hams 23 years ago.  We have made more than 30 visits during this time.  J73JT  has kept his station operational and ready for emergencies the past 23 years and had many opportunities to provide emergency communications. 

                     What would you be able to do during a week or two visit?

1. First of all, you will be visiting the Nature Island of the Caribbean - it is beautiful and interesting, with friendly people. The island is very small - 375 sq miles - loaded with water falls, rivers, rain forest, hiking trails, tall mountains, hot sulfur springs and it is known as a good dive location and a  population of about 65,000. In other words - an interesting and nice place to visit and practice your ham radio skills.

2. Provide training to new hams,  install/repair antennas, install/repair HF, VHF/VHF radios, 

3. Perhaps you would be able to provide some radio equipment, an HT, HF, Power Supply or Antenna. This would not be required, but just a nice thing to do.  It is possible to carry some equipment with you on the plane. 

4. Provide ham fellowship with ham radio operators. It is always interesting and rewarding to make new ham friends.

5.  Do some interesting DXing - Dominica does not have many ham operators that operate in the HF DX bands and you would easily find yourself in in an exciting pileup.  You can get your Dominica license before you arrive. See Gaynell having fun operating a DX pileup as J79WWW/J79USA.

 Get current direct Dominica Information
 by checking into one of these morning nets. 

Logo for Echo Link
Dominica Repeater via ECHO LINK. (J73Z-R)
The morning net is operational Monday - Friday 7:30 AM EST or 11:30 GMT.
 Here is how to check in - get signed up for Echo Link .

1. Sign into Echo Link.
2. Click on Locations
3. Click on North America
4. Click on Dominica
5. Sign into J73Z-R
6. You should be logged in now.  Clement J73CPL is President.

QR code  for FAIRS Ltd
Zello channel
You do not need to be a licensed amateur to use Zello as it is only an internet VOIP talkie application. 

Net starts at EST net will be at 7:30AM or 1200GMP

1. I run this net and my ID or Zello name is #N4USA
2. Sign into Zello 
3. Search for channel   "FAIRS Ltd"  sign in.
4. Should be ready to go.
    I always have Dominica hams checking in.

5. Alternate - print out QR code to the left and use that to log on.  

Plan a trip to Dominica and enjoy some useful/interesting amateur radio Volunteer work. Contact me and I can help David KK4WW/N4USA

David LarsenKK4WW

"by David Larsen"  Chantilly Farm ownerComputer Historian, and amateur radio operator -KK4WW   & N4USA .  I work out of one of the Tiny Homes at Chantilly Farm. A great place to work if you like the to be out in nature. I am 81 and ready to sell Chantilly Farm - I have a few more  projects I would like to do - if you have an interest to know more give me a call. 540 392 2392

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