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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Computer Museum Visitor 'Dr. Dave Filer' from New River Community College

 Dr. David Filer - IT professor from New River Community College (NRCC) in Dublin Virginia visited our 'Bugbook Microcomputer Museum'
1/30/13. We had a delightful time talking about the old computers.

Dr. Filer  and I are working toward having some of our microcomputer collection on display in the Christiansburg  campus of NRCC. This would give our Bugbook Microcomputer Museum a great location to expose a lot of folks to the history of these old microcomputers.

 I have had a long association with NRCC starting about 1978  Mel Mabry, professor in the electronics department at NRCC started using our "Bugbook" educational books teaching digital electronics. Mel also used the MMD1 microcomputer designed by Dr. John Titus in our 'Blacksburg Group'.  My association with NRCC continued for more than 25 years with my serving on the College Board there for 8 years in the early 90's.

Photos of professor Dr. David Filer from New River Community College in our 'Bugbook Microcomputer Museum'  Floyd Virginia.