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' Microcomputer History ' Your Own copy of " Historically Brewed " by David Greelish

David Greelish has published a very  fascinating bound book 'Historically Brewed'.   The book  contains all
the original 9 issues of  groundbreaking computer history published  in  his 'Historically Brewed' from (1993 to 1997) plus a lot more.

You can read the whole fist issue of 'Historically Brewed' (Aug/Sept 1993) on line.
 David is giving computer history buffs a Book Sale!Your Chance to own your own copy.
Here is up date to get ecopy of David's Book 1-8-14

Project Update #8: Great new deal on my PDF eBook, just $3.99!

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Wow, this thing still works! Get a great new deal on my computer history eBook of zines, just $3.99! It includes both the book, "The Complete Historically Brewed" and the never before published first and last zine of "Classic Computing."
David writes about his early interest and how he got his start in collecting and writing about microcomputers.  I find it very interesting to read all the events and efforts David had to endure over the years to finally have his own microcomputer. David writes in a very captivating  style about his interest and the history of many of the early microcomputers and the folks who made it happen.

 His current  'The Classic Computing Blog' is filled with many captivating stories and facts about collectors, Cyberfolks,  and the microcomputer revolution.  David also post his  Podcast on the blog. One of his podcast  provides  a reading of Stan Veit's book 'History of the Personal Computer'. Stan was a early pioneer in microcomputers with the very first computer store on the East Coast. I followed Stan's writing for many years with great interest  in 'Computer Shopper'. Many of the computers in my historical collection were a result of the advertisement "Wanted Pre 1980 Microcomputers for historical collection" in Computer Shopper.
Stan's book is a classic and now a rare and expensive collectable book.

Only natural that I already have several copies of David Greelish's  bound book 'The Complete Historically Brewed' in our Bugbook Microcomputer Museum in Floyd Virginia. All computer history buffs would be well advised take advantage of Davids offer and  put a copy in your library.

See more about David Greelish and how he started the the 'The Complete Historical Brewed' in the video on Kick starter.

David  Larsen
David G Larsen

   "by David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector/Historian

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