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Vintage computers - The Hunt for Apple-1 computers - 2/29/16

Apple-1 computer delivered to the Computer Museum of America 2/16/16

First day packing for move to Computer Museum of America

Re-purpose ham radio tower to Wifi Amateur Radio KK4WW N4USA

Bugbook Computer Museum is moving to the Computer Museum of America

Datapoint 2200 8 bit computer update by Jack Frassanito

Computer Museum Web sites -Where all the old computers live & play

James (Nick) Cloyes – N4CL visit's computer museum

First Microprocessor ? The Central Air Data Computer in the F-14 Tomcat late 60's

Computer TK-80 single board 8080 microcomputer 1976

Computer collectors Museum - Peek at 300 items on display - Bugbook Computer Museum

Computer collecting heyday for historical microcomputers 1985 - 1999

Computer Museum Curator's Birthday -David Larsen KK4WW is 77 November 17,2015

Wayne Green founder of; Byte magazine; 73 magazine, Kilobyte, Kilobaud,80 Micro & more

8008 Microprocessor and how it became Intel's first 8 bit chip

PDP-8 Minicomputer Interfacing - How to connect your PDP-8 to the outside world 1972 

MITS Altair 8800 SN414 Microcomputer goes to new home 

Microcomputer Computer Museum curator looks at old times 

websites & blogs for computer collectors & historians  

Soviet home built computer arrives at the Bugbook Computer Museum

Discrete component electronics to Integrated Circuits - 50 years of change

EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory - computer memory

Computer Museum Curator is a hoarder of good Memorabilia

Martin Research Mike 2 Computer - vintage 1975

8008 &8080 - microprocessor -comments about the origin of Intel's first 8 bit micro chips

Computer Museum Visitors - love the retro game stations

Acoustic Telephone Modem for Radio Shacks first computer 1977

Computers & Amateur Radio's selling on Ebay - How to keep up with the lastest offers.

Alexander Bell demonstrates wireless transmission of voice - 2 minutes of history

Amateur Radio - Morse Code - it could save your life - you won't believe this use of code.

Computer Help - President of Guyana "Dr.Cheddi Jagan" invites us to Georgetown

Alexander Graham Bell - he was making a hearing aid & instead got the telephone - 90 seconds of history.

"QSO Today" How Amateur Radio & Computers provided exciting opportuinties -KK4WW on Eric's 4Z4UG's Podcast

Computer Museum - Curator of Telephone Museum Curtis Anderson visits

Vintage Computer Univac 8008 Microcomputer - Craig Solomonson collection

Computer Museum a look inside with Assistant Student Curator

Vintage Soviet Computer from Ulyanvosk Russia 1991

Computers and Ham Radio provided invitation to Bangladesh Embassay in Beijing, China

Jon Titus - Computer Pioneer comments about 3 of his careeer mentors

Apple-1 computer proof documents sell $25,000 at Christie's Auction

Apple-1 computer sale $365,000 at Christie's Auction December 11,2014

American Radio & Computer History - Two million pages of AM FM & TV Broadcasting history online

N4USA Amateur Radio Station at the Computer Museum

Computer Museum Assistant Curator Emily Wilson is off to College

Apple 1 computers annual inspection & Apple 1 computer at auction.

Computer Museum Curator's Birthday -David Larsen KK4WW is 77 November 17,2015

Vintage Computers - Microcomputers on display at "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum".

Vintage - Apple 1 Computer Clone operational at the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

Apple 1 Computer for sale Dec 11 - Bob Luther author of "The First Apple" interviews of people from start up days of Apple Computer

Apple 1 computer brings record price at auction of $905,000

Vintage Computer Rare SCELBI on display in "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

Vintage computers - "iWoz" Steve Wozniak's book by Wozniak & Smith - My comments - a good read

Vintage Computer - the first portable computer at 200 lbs - Autonetics Recomp 501 (1958)

Vintage Computer BBC Documentary "iWonder - History of Computing Timeline" using some

Vintage Computer - Super Jolt a 1975 microcomputer using the 6502 Microcomputer

PDP11/10 Vintage Minicomputer in Bugbook Historical Micrcomputer Museum

Vintage Computers -Graduate Independent Study at "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

Vintage Computers - What is in a Name - How we are named the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

Computer Museum - Busy day - visitors - music jam - Amateur Radio club meeting - Interviewed by reporter

Jazz & Blues Music Jam Session at Computer Museum

Vintage Apple 1 Computer display at "Bugbook Computer Museum"

David Larsen -Computer Historian -Virginia Tech - University Public Service Excellence Award - 1995

Vintage computing - Who started the Personal Computer Revolution ??

Vintage Computers - The Datapoint 2200 & "Computer Terminal Corporation" THE REST OF THE STORY!!

Vintage computers - The Hunt for Apple 1 computers

QR codes in the "Computer Museum"

Intel 8008 Microprocessor began as a 'Computer Terminal Corporation 2200" - an Electronic Data Terminal

Texas Instruments TI99/4 Vintage Computer new never out of the box

Intel 8008 Microprocessor began as a 'Control Terminal Corporation 2200" - an Electronic Data Terminal

Museum Visitors from Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Club K4KDJ

Vintage Computers - MARK 8 Computer - 5 different versions

Vintage Microcomputer MITS Altair 680 moves to Museum

Vintage Computer - Micro 68 a 1976 microcomputer made by "Electronic Product Associates"

Vintage Computers - Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum Warehouse a peek inside !

Vintage Computer - 8008 Intel microprocessor

Vintage Computer -Computer workshops in old Soviet Union

Vintage Computer - Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum moves to expanded showroom

Kevin Stumpf - his computer museum in waterloo

Vintage Computer -MITS Altair 8800 restored by Josh Bensadon

Vintage Computer - Jade Computer Products 1982 Memory Module - and Moore's Law

Medical and School assistance in Dominica by FAIRS N4USA

Computer For Bioche, Dominica - Donation by N4USA , FAIRS

Vintage Computer RCA COSMAC VIP 1977

 How to custom size photographs on your Blogger Postings.

Vintage Computers the MITS Altair 8800 at Frostfest - ( Hamfest ) in Richmond VA

How to build an audience for your YouTube videos - Three easy to use ideas - lesson #1

Computer Museum - Big visitor day with Techies from Rackspace in Blacksburg Virginia

Computer History Museum - David and Gaynell Larsen Visit Silicon Valley & Museums

Vintage Computer - Earles L McCaul - Author - A personal success story the last 32 years

Vintage Computer Volksmodem 70's 300 baud modem

Vintage Computers - The "Bugs" are 40 years old !

Vintage Computers - Where do computer collectors find them ?

Soviet Union Vintage Computers - Donating computers to the old Soviet Politboro - USSR - 1991

Vintage Computers or life as CIA Secret Agent for 50 years.

 Vintage computer Zaltair brochure from 1977 West Coast Computer Faire

Vintage Zaltair Computer that never was - One of Steve Woznaik's best pranks

Vintage Computer - Minuteman 1 Missile D-17B guidance computer - David Larsen, Testing & Engineering 1960

Vintage Rare Apple 1 Computer for Sale

Remington Rand Univac - 1957 - My introduction to vintage computers 56 years ago at age 19 - David Larsen

Vintage PDP8S - Bob Rosenbloom has his new (50 year old) Digital Equipment Corporation minicomputer operational

Old computer things and Computer History makers - collection of short short stories

PDP1 Vintage Computer at the Computer History Museum - Mountain View , California

Break from Computers - A visit to the Wine Country of Napa California by David & Gaynell Larsen

Visiting Intel, Computer History Museum, Apple Co., Fry's, Weird Stuff store, Bob Rosenblooms computer collection - big day

Vintage Computer - A look at new home for the Bugbook Computer Museum's PDP8S minicomputer

Computer History - A resource for Computer Museums, Microcomputer Blogs, & Computer Historical Information

Computer Collecting is great but their is additional life at our Chantilly Farm

Microcomputer - Micro-Designer MD-1 one of the first complete educational / design Microcomputer Systems

 Computer History Museum - A planned visit to California to see Computer Collectors Bob Rosenbloom & Lyle Bickley + Museum

Wayne Green 91,died September 13th - Renegade & Pioneer in Ham Radio, Computers, Travel, Health & More.

Vintage Computers - Apple 2 Computer Pirates - The Franklin Computers

 PDP 8S Minicomputer discovered hidden in warehouse

Amateur Radio Friends from Dominica Visit Floyd Virginia

Computer Historian David Greelish is going to keep us laughing !!!!

PDP-8/e Replica - build your own

First Single Board Computer 

Vintage Computer - Lewis Kornfield , Radio Shack president Died Friday August 16,2013 : He was President in 1977 Producing the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1

"The First Apple" A fresh look at Apple 1 computer pioneers / collectors by Author, Bob Luther - His Book

Vintage Computer - Jack Rubin heads for Chicago with PDP8I Minicomputer for his collection

Vintage Minicomputers PDP8s & PDP8 find new home in California

Bob Rosenbloom is heading to Virginia for vintage PDP computers for his Collection

Vintage Computers - Apple Computer Historical data

Vintage Computer 1958 Transistor Logic - Autonetics Recomp

Vintage Computers - WVTF Public Radio & why we call our museum "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

Vintage Calculator / Computer Historical Information

Vintage Computer Museum - Student Curator's

Organs on a Chip - New chip simulates body function

PDP 8 Vintage Computer finds new home in the 'Win" Collection

Amateur Radio Operator for Six Decades KK4WW David Larsen

Apple 1 computer Sells for $387,000 at Christie's Auction July

Computer Mouse Inventor Douglas C. Engelbart Died Tuseday July 2,2013

Professor Paul E. Field - "A Celebration of his life" - my friend

Vintage Apple 1 computer - Five Owners meet including Steve Wozniak

Computer conference - THE FIRST WEST COAST COMPUTER FAIRE APRIL 15-17,1977

Vintage Intel Computer - 4 bit MCS-4 Intellec 4 Microcomputer 

Vintage Computer Magazine - BYTE

Vintage Apple 1 Computer sells for over $600,000 at Breker auction 5-25-13

S100 Computers - Great web site for  S100 and other Vintage Microcomputers

Books for Computer and Calculator Collectors Historians

EPROM Memory 1702A -Made microcomputers, robotics and microcontrollers pratical 1971

Microcomputer Collector "Win Heagy' Visits 'Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum' 4-19-13 

Computer Pioneers and Microcomputer History Makers

History of Microcomputers - David's Lecture at New River Community College

Brainiac Computer Trainer 1959 

Computer Pioneer "Adam Osborne"

Computer Intel MCB8-10 Microcomputer 1972

Vintage computer SCELBI 8B Microcomputer 1975

Vintage Micrcomputer Collector Memorabilia - Titus 8080 Microprossor Slide Rule

Vintage Sphere Computer at the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

History of Microcomputers - Short introduction about early Geeks in the Microcomputer Revolution 

Vintage Computer MARK 8 sent to MARCH in Wall NJ

Vintage Computer Apple 1 Microcomputer in the Bugbook Microcomputer Museum Floyd Virginia

Vintage Computer Festival Southeast

Micro-Professor Computer MPF-1B trainer shows up in Goodwill store

Computer Museum Visitor 'Dr. Dave Filer' from New River Community College 

Microcomputer History  Your Own copy of " Historically Brewed " by David Greelish

MARK 8 Personal Computer 1974

Antique Microcomputer Historical Museum LCF Group Floyd Virginia

Amazing Edison Vacuum Tubes

Rare Apple 1 Computer Bugbook computer Museum 

Large Collection of Rare Microcomputers


"by David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector/ Historian