Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vintage Computer PC History and Information

Stories and Historical information from my Microcomputer Museum "blog" - David Larsen

Computer Pioneers and Microcomputer History Makers 

S100 Computers - Great web site for  S100 and other Vintage Microcomputers

Books for Computer and Calculator Collectors Historians

EPROM Memory 1702A -Made microcomputers, robotics and microcontrollers pratical 1971

Microcomputer Collector "Win Heagy' Visits 'Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum' 4-19-13

History of Microcomputers - David's Lecture at New River Community College

Brainiac Computer Trainer 1959 

Computer Pioneer "Adam Osborne"

Computer Intel MCB8-10 Microcomputer 1972

Vintage computer SCELBI 8B Microcomputer 1975

Vintage Micrcomputer Collector Memorabilia - Titus 8080 Microprossor Slide Rule

Vintage Sphere Computer at the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

History of Microcomputers - Short introduction about early Geeks in the Microcomputer Revolution 

Vintage Computer MARK 8 sent to MARCH in Wall NJ

Vintage Computer Apple 1 Microcomputer in the Bugbook Microcomputer Museum Floyd Virginia

Vintage Computer Festival Southeast

Micro-Professor Computer MPF-1B trainer shows up in Goodwill store

Computer Museum Visitor 'Dr. Dave Filer' from New River Community College 

Microcomputer History  Your Own copy of " Historically Brewed " by David Greelish

MARK 8 Personal Computer 1974

Antique Microcomputer Historical Museum LCF Group Floyd Virginia

Amazing Edison Vacuum Tubes

Rare Apple 1 Computer Bugbook computer Museum 

Large Collection of Rare Microcomputers


I write a microcomputer blog entry every week about some aspect of vintage computers.  My collection of historical computers has been over 40 years in the making and a lot of fun. I was teaching and writing before microcomputers and was in on start of the microcomputer revolution.  The 'Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum' has many 1000's of items - I will never be able to write about all of them. These articles in this list are a good start and I hope you find some interesting.

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  "by David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector/Historican

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