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Vintage Apple 1 Computer sells for over $600,000 at Breker auction 5-25-13

                                                                   Original »Apple 1 Computer«, 1976
This is the sensational 1st product of today's highest-valued company ever.
This »Apple 1« set on offer here is 100 % authentic and in full working condition!
Already a legendary milestone from the  dynamic dawn of the personal computer age!

Sensational World Record Price by Auction Team Breker set on 25 May 2013:

Euro 516.461,- / US$ 671,400.- (!) / £ 441,000.-

                                      The above from Breker web site.

Bob Luther
Bob Luther - Apple 1 owner and author of his new book "The First Apple" - he writes about  his and other Apple 1's. Bob was able to attended the Breker Auction  and had a great time.  Bob has done some very interesting research and interviews with the folks still living that started the Apple Computer Company and built the Apple 1 computers in Steve Jobs  parents home.

Ron Wayne
Bob traveled to California to interview Ron Wayne one of the original founders of the Apple Computer Company along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.  Ron is 79 years old and most folks do not know he was part of the original Apple partnership.

 Interview by Bloomburg TV about Bob Luther's Apple 1 Computer. 

Bob has made arrangements for Ron to sign photos of his computer and a book plate.  You can get some of these original signatures of Ron Wayne by participating it the Kickstarter program to help publish Mr. Luther's book.

"Apple co-founder Ron Wayne has worked with me on his part of the story of the beginning of Apple and his time with Jobs. And he has designed the bookplate, to commemorate the moment of the birth of the original Apple partnership. I did have those printed and Ron has already signed some of them, along with some photos. He's 79 years old, so although he seems to be in fine health, I wanted to make sure that we could deliver on that part of the project, so his signatures are partially completed." Quote From Bob Luther on Kickstarter.

 "Sold - Antique Apple 1 Brings $671K" By Gregg Keizer at 'Computer World'

" Yet, Apple was not the first Personal Computer on the market. The seeds for its success had already been sown by other pioneering machines such as Nat Wadsworth’s 1973 "Scelbi-8H" (estimate Euro 15,000 – 20,000 / US$ 20,000 – 25,000). The "Scelbi" ticked all the boxes for commercial viability: it was built around the first Intel 8-Bit microprocessor (the so-called "CPU-on-a-chip"), within the budget of an average person, and available either assembled or in kit form. It was the first truly "Personal Computer"(!). Yet, it was a financial failure; only 200 units were produced, and only 3 (!!) have survived today !!!" This information about the Scelbi is from the
The Specialists in »Technical Antiques & Fine Toys«


 I am happy to say we have one of the Scelbi microcomputers in our "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum".

Here is opportunity to get one of first copies of Bob Luther's Apple 1 book and  original signature of Ron Wayne .   Go here Kickstarter

This is really exciting for me as an Apple 1 owner. After reviewing the information about Bob Luther's Apple 1 I realized I had been offered this computer years ago by the law firm working on settling some litigation by owner of the Apple 1. I still have the letters from the law firm but I did feel I could pay the price the law firm was asking.  I am sure happy to see this Apple 1 computer surface and that Bob Luther as the current owner.

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The weather here in Floyd Virginia has turned warm and sunny - just great. Our 3rd Annual Bluegrass Festival at Chantilly farm was really well attended last Saturday. It was fun working with all the musicians and our lead band ' Doyle Lawson and the Quicksilver's. It was real exciting to see his big bus roll into Chantilly Farm. Now I can return to some work with my 'Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum' 
"by David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector/Historian

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