Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Computer Pioneers and Microcomputer History Makers

Names are not in any order or ranking -this is short list - More then 1000 pioneers are featured in Bob Denton's book "The PC Pioneers".- Learn about each one - CLICK 'NAME'

David talks about short list of pioneers

Sol Libes   
John Titus 
Steve Wozniak  
Steve Jobs
Nat Wadsworth      More info
Wayne Green  
Ed Roberts
Adam Osborne   More  &more
Lee Felsenstein
Gary Kindall  More info
Chuck Peddle 
Alan Kay  Inteview
Bill Moggridge More Bill designed the Grid Compass
Bill Gates more info
Paul Allen  more info
Ted Hoff   
Gordon Moore 
Andrew Grove 
Bob Denton  more

This list is always available to readers of this blog on the 'Drop down menu'  "Pioneers - Microcomputer Revolution". 

The microcomputer revolution is only 45 years old  and yet it has changed the way we live in so many ways. Has the computer revolution made our lives better ?  It depends on your point of view and what each individual would consider "Better".  Medical diagnostic devices, personal computers , digital cameras, portable Internet devices, Ipads , Ipods, smart phones are some of the most common products that depend on a microprocessor to function. Microprocessors are embedded -  in products (TVs, Microwave's, GPS, personal security systems & 1000's more) that surround us in everyday life and have become normal - we take them for granted.  The things we see and use personally are considered better by most users.  We lived thousands of years without these clever products and some folks would be happy without them today.  
 This list of computer pioneers is only a tiny number of the folks that pioneered the early microcomputer revolution.  Each one has dozens or even hundreds of fascinating stories associated with them. You will find stories about each one and 1000,s more  in Bob Denton's Book "P C pioneers"    These folks are a few of the ones I feel are near the top of the list. I know that everyone will want to add or change this list and that is just fine.

Moore's law lets  us know that our dependence on microcomputers will always be at an increasing rate so don't be surprised at what is available in the next 2,5,10 years or more -- we can't imagine. Just brace yourself and be ready for change.

This list of pioneers is being added to everyday by folks creating new and very clever devices & systems that will be "OUT OF THE BLUE" - The list of microcomputer pioneers will always be expanding and growing.  

What would happen if all or most of these microcomputer devices stopped working ?  That could happen and  is a whole new topic not considered in this short blog entry.
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News: Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service (FAIRS) is hosting Ukrainian visitor to the USA.
We are very pleased to be hosting our Ukrainian friend Helen Goncharsky UR5WA for her visit to the USA. Helen visit will last for about one month and will include many activities. This week my wife Gaynell KK4WWW and Helen will be heading out to the largest amateur radio show in the world ( Dayton Hamvention) to represent our foundation FAIRS and meet many of our supporters. See FAIRs at BOOTH 412. For a really great professional video of one of our early visits to the Soviet Countries take a look at this  'FAIRS in the Former Soviet Union'- you will like it.
Dayton - Follow up:  FAIRS folks had a great time at the Dayton Hamvention. About 25,000 amateur radio operators from around the world attend this event. Alex VE3VDX also helped out at our booth. Helen from Ukraine brought a lot hand made crafts to sell at the Hamvention and everything was sold - generating several thousand $ for FAIRS. Also for the 5th year  the Hamvention - (Dayton Amateur Radio Club) gave a nice cash grant to FAIRS. Hope to see some of our ham radio friends at the show next year. Dave KK4WW

 I am looking forward to the summer and more progress being made on our Historical Microcomputer collection. We have 3 paid student Interns or office assistants that will be working full time while out of school.  Amber Ingram set up our little computer display in  the Village Green. This summer she will expand it to have more computer memorabilia on display using the adjoining room where our amateur radio station N4USA is located. I am looking forward to the day when we can display most of our collection in an appealing display.  I don't know just how this will be done however I am sure we can make it happen over the next few years.  Floyd Virginia is where we would like the display/museum however it could be at most any location.  I you have any ideas or could help please let us know - you may have a great idea.

I am looking for folks who can help with our collection. Their are many ways to help now or in the future. I do need to be making arrangements for all the memorabilia - I will be 75 this year and only have at most 25 years to make my computer project complete. 

"by David Larsen" , KK4WW Computer Collector/Historian and FAIRS Director.

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