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Wayne Green founder of; Byte magazine; 73 magazine, Kilobyte, Kilobaud,80 Micro & more

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Wayne Green 
Wayne Green was a prolific person when it came to creating magazines, companies & 100,s of ideas for products. Wayne was also an amateur radio operator W2NSD and many of his creations were related to amateur radio as well as microcomputers.

I was well acquainted with Wayne and we had many meetings and discussions over the years.  He wanted to travel with our group going to the Soviet Union and his comment was "I can fix a lot of their problems'. This comment should give you the idea he had a very big ego and was sometimes eccentric & strange in the way he acted.   The short of this story is he did not go and cancelled at the last minute due to some business deal he was working on. I am sure his staying home was a real blessing for me as if he would have made the trip it would have been an international disaster.

Wayne did have a brilliance about him and created many successful ventures. He proclaimed to be the best in about  everything  including finance, marketing, health, food, travel, microcomputers, politics, cold fusion and the moon landing, the list does not end. He also served as a founder and first secretary of American Mensa.

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73 Magazine September 2003

I liked Wayne and helped write some articles for his publications over the years. Here is an issue of his ham radio magazine "73 Amateur Radio Today" September 2002 -  I furnished the cover photo and did a story about our "Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service" (FAIRS) work in Dominica. Read the FAIRS story.

That is me at the top of the ladder putting up our ham radio antenna's in Roseau, Dominica.

As we have said Wayne was an interesting fellow and Randy Kindig published "Floppy Days 48 - Kevin Savetz Interviews Wayne Green". This interview was January 29, 2013 and Wayne died the following September. This had to be nearly the last recorded interview given by Wayne Green.

I have posted the whole blog below with permission from Randy Kindig. I think you will find this interesting history about Mr. Green. You can even check out the FBI file on Wayne.


Welcome to a special interview-only episode of the Floppy Days Podcast.  For this show, we have an interview conducted by Kevin Savetz, interviewer-extraordinaire from the Antic Podcast.  Kevin conducted this interview 2 years ago.  Since the interviewee and topic are not Atari-related, but are very much vintage computer related, Kevin and I thought perhaps Floppy Days would be a good medium for publishing this interview.

Wayne Green, Computer Magazine Publisher
Wayne Green was founder of 73 magazine; Byte magazine; Kilobyte, which became Kilobaud, then Kilobaud Microcomputing; 80 Micro magazine for the TRS-80; Hot Coco for the TRS-80 Color Computer; Run for the Commodore 64, inCider magazine for the Apple II; and several other computer magazines.

This interview took place over Skype on January 29, 2013, when I was doing research for a book about the very first personal computer magazines — Byte, Kilobyte, and Creative Computing. Although I've decided not to write the book, I am publishing the interviews that I did for them.
Wayne Green died on September 13, 2013, eight months after we did this interview.
Teaser quotes:

"Sharing is the big deal for me. When I find something fun, interesting, I have to share it."
"Steve Jobs ... I heard about the Apple computer so my wife and I stopped by to visit him. ... He took me out to the garage and showed it to me. He says, 'What do you think?' I said 'I think you've got a winner. There's a first computer conference is going to be in Atlantic City in two weeks. Be there.' He says 'Oh, I can't afford to fly.' I said, 'Take a bus. Be there.'"

"Amelia Earhart kept her plane at my dad's airport. ... I used to play in that when I was a kid. ... I'm one of the few people who knows exactly what happened to her."


An article remembering Wayne:

Wayne Green FBI file:

Kilobaud Microcomputing issues: 

See  Randall's original podcast here published October 24,2015.

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David Larsen
Wayne Green was an interesting person and prolific writer. I always enjoyed reading his editorial "Never Say Die" in 73 Magazine .

           ."by David Larsen"  KK4WW Computer Collector Historian

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