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Computer Museum Curator's Birthday -David Larsen KK4WW is 77 November 17,2015

KK4WW, bugbook computer museum
LR brothers Howard, Chris & myself Dave
This time of year I always reflect on where I have been for the past 77 years (November 17,1938) and what is ahead for the next unknown years. A reflection on my family of 5 brothers & one sister always comes to mind first. The family is small now with only 3 of us brothers still kicking dirt above ground.  Chris (83 years),brother Howard (94 years) and myself  remaining. My parents were just great folks and they grew up in hard times during the early 1900's and Great Depression. Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles long gone now and memories faded.
Happy Birthday Dave

LR Chris & wife Thema, Me & wife Gaynell,
We had a great time during our September 2015 visit to home of Howard - Missouri.

Here we are in Branson having a wonderful BBQ lunch at the famous "BBQ Hut".

This is all the family I have still remaining - down to some second cousins that I do not know. All parents,aunts & uncles, first cousins have passed on.Don't wait to have that family time.

I grew up during the 40's & 50's & the Aunts & Uncles were scattered far and wide from my home and I did not get to know any of them very well.   Cousin's - their are many dozens and I know only a few of them - This is so sad for me.

I do get together as often as possible with my two brothers and always wonder - Will this be the last time? I wrote this in 2014 and we  did get together again in September 2015 - we are sure all getting to look older and my brother Howard at 94 is still living an independent life in his own home but getting a bit on the feeble on his feet.

Brother Howard is a writer and he wrote this "Ode" about our mother. He is correct she was a great Mom always showing us her love. Mother was born in 1899, 99 years old and died in 1999. We enjoyed her loving care for many years.
An Ode To Mother”

I was standing by mother's bedside, watching and praying, as she lay in her tilted bed. Passing the time was very sad. God entered my soul and changed things. “Your mother is on her way to heaven to spend the rest of her days with dad.” Dad went to heaven several years ago. I lost my best friend.

You have been such a comfort to me mom. Your ninety nine years on earth have finally come to an end. As I walk this earth and get older each day, I'll have the rest of the family to enjoy as they work or play.

My children grew up knowing their Grandma. Her love was something they always would feel. At the end of the day before leaving, you would make them a tasty cooked meal. You never had a harsh word, always giving praise when I was around. Mothers and Grandmothers like you are someone that's hard to be found.

When I was just a youngster, we lived on a farm in the woods. You were always up early doing chores and working real hard. When that work was finished you chopped wood in the yard. We bathed ourselves in a galvanized tub. You were always there to give us a scrub.

In the winter you were outside working sometimes in the wind and blowing snow. You never gave up till your face turned red. Then you would go inside, clean up, put some wood in the old cook stove and make cinnamon rolls, and homemade bread. These are the things you did all your life, besides making my dad a wonderful wife. You lived several years after dad passed away, just part of your family is left here to stay.

I will stay here for the rest of my life remembering the good, forgetting the sad. You will be resting in heaven while living with dad. “Goodbye Mother” As you have been lifted above, you have left this earth with all of my love.

I am feeling good now forgetting the sad. When you are resting in heaven say hello and give my love to Dad.
Your Loving Son Howard

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Dad Will, me  & Mom Ruth  1945

This photo brings back the good memories of my mother and father. I was 7 years old in 1945 and in the back ground is a 1941 Chevrolet - just delivered. Dad ordered the Chevy in 1941 however World War ll delayed the delivery by 4 years. 

David Larsen
I am counting down - only 23 to go ?  Could be 23 years or 23 seconds & I vote for the 23 years but sure know I don't have full control of the timing.  I am looking forward to slowing down in the next few years - don't need to travel much as been there done that - I would say just enjoy our children, grandchildren & great grandchildren and the great outdoors we have here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

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