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8008 Microprocessor and how it became Intel's first 8 bit chip.

Updated 11-7-15
Here is a fascinating story about the how the Intel 8008 microprocessor chip became the first 8 bit chip designed at Intel. The 8008 microprocessor used the logic  of the Datapoint 2200 terminal.

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Datapoint 2200 terminal 

The Datapoint 2200 terminal - was an 8 bit programmable computer that came to market in 1971 --- way before Apple, IBM or Microsoft.

Datapoint 2200 terminal - audio description of the terminal/ computer and the Datapoint Corporationa and the 8008 microprocessor.

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Here is a good look at the Datapoint Corporation  and a good read - also a lot of early history about the first microprocessor chips and Intel.

"Datapoint - The lost story of the Texans Who Invented the Personal Computer Revolution" by Lamont Wood - ISBN 978-1-936449-36-1
(2010) 325 pages

This book is about "Computer Terminal Corporation" and later known as Datapoint.

If you are interested in the start of the microcomputer revolution and the history of the pioneers - this is a must read book. Amazon Link

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The Man Who Invented the PC,Invention & Technology, Fall 1994 , by Lamont Wood.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
David Larsen
 I have 2 of  the Datapoint terminals in our museum and they always generate a lot of interest and questions for the curator.
           ."by David Larsen"  KK4WW Computer Collector Historian

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