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Computer Museum Curator - Events at Museum and Chantilly Farm

Bob Barnett , David Larsen
Living Computer Museum
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It was a real pleasure to have Bob Barnett from the "Living Computer Museum" visit our museum May 27/28.

More work for museum curator!!
My wife Gaynell and I own Chantilly Farm & major events for 3 continuous weekends have made for busy, but fun times.

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Computer Museum, KK4WW,bugbook
L-R David Larsen - Bob Barnett

Bob Barnett & I spent several hours in the museum looking at some of our more rare computers - like the SCELBI, Mark 8, Recomp 501 and many more.

Living Computer Museum, KK4WW
L-R David Larsen - Bob Barnett

Bob is  holding up the front panel to the Byte computer - He had an association with Byte computers back in the 70's when he operated  "Byte Shop" computer stores.

David Larsen, Computer museum
Bob Barnett & 1960's IBM equipment
in Bugbook Computer Museum Warehouse

We have 5 IBM Computer I/O devices from the 60's - They take up a lot of room in the warehouse and are in excellent condition.

Card Punch 0029
Sorter           0083
Collator       0088
Interpreter   0548
Card Reader2540  

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Bob in our computer museum warehouse

We finished the day with dinner at our home and a visit to our "Bugbook Microcomputer Museum" warehouse.

We had a great time sharing stories about the early microcomputer days late into the night. Bob stayed overnight at our home and headed back to Oregon the next day.

I  have not made a new post the past 2 weeks as we have been very busy with events at our Chantilly Festival Farm and the museum.
May and June are intense for my wife and I -- Two day "Bluegrass and BBQ Festival' May 22/23, Bob Barnett's visit May 27'28, Three day "Floyd Auto Fair" May 29/30/31, "Southern Gospel Show" June 6th (We skip this and our wonderful staff will do all the work) and we are going to our twin granddaughter's High School graduation in Maryland - 

The Festivals at our Chantilly Farm are a lot of fun and lots of work for us and our staff + 40 or so volunteers.  Below I posted a few picture of these events.

Our 5th Annual "Bluegrass & BBQ Festival" May 22/23 @ Chantilly Farm
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chantilly farm bluegrass festival
Photo by Rhonda Vincent
You can see from the stage we had a big crowd -  15 great Bluegrass bands during the 2 days.

Our Headliner was 'Queen of Bluegrass'  "Rhonda Vincent and the Rage" Check out Ronda's Web Page "CLICK"

View the festival events - Short video "CLICK"
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david Larsen, Chantilly Farm
Queen of Bluegrass "Rhonda Vincent's" ride. 

It is exciting to see the artists buses come into the farm. Here is the "Martha White" Bluegrass Express , Rhonda Vincent's ride.

We had 4 big rigs like this on Saturday. Many of the bands come in smaller vans or car caravans.

david Larsen, Chantilly Farm
L-R David Larsen, Rhonda Vincent

That is me your museum curator with Rhonda - She is a very gracious lady.

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L-R Gaynell Larsen , Rhonda Vincent

This is my wife Gaynell - she is the hostess for the bands.

Rhonda  gave a special Martha White collector skillet for baking the Martha White cornbread to Gaynell.

Chantilly Farm
L-R Gaynell Larsen,David Larsen, Jason Gallimore 

A big honor for our Chantilly Farm Venue - The Farm was designated an "Affiliate Crooked Road Venue" during a special ceremony at the Bluegrass Festival.  The Crooked Road is the State official - Virginia's Heritage Music Trail.

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May 29/30/31 2015

Short video gives overall view of the car show "CLICK"

chantilly farm
Show Cars

More then 100 show cars.

chantilly Farm
Parts vendors at auto show. 

350 parts vendors at the Floyd Auto Fair.

Floyd auto Fair

Some of the fun events - The "Bomb Shells" - they livened up the Auto Fair.

Here is the June 6th event
 ISAACS and Jason Crab
the ISAACS and Jason Crabb


Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
David Larsen
If you made it this far in the Blog post you know we have been busy with the museum and our Chantilly Festival Farm.  Looking forward to seeing our twin granddaughters graduate from High School this weekend in Maryland.   

           ."by David Larsen"  KK4WW Computer Collector Historian 

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