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"HEADING to the CLOUD" - "Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business."

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Photographs taken in the "Bugbook Microcomputer Museum" published in the  "Virginia Tech Business, magazine of the Pamplin College of Business" article
     "HEADING to the CLOUD".       

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Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Cover of Spring 2015 issue

Dr. Terry R. Rakes, Professor of Business & Director Center for Business Intelligence & Analytic's and Logan Wallace, Senior University Photographer at Virginia Tech worked several hours in the museum taking photographs for the Spring 2015 issue. The session  (3/30/15) was an interesting photo shoot -  

See photo session  here "CLICK"

Dr. Terry Rakes, David Larsen
"Heading up to the Cloud" Virginia Tech BUSINESS MAGAZINE

Dr. Terry Rakes next to 1977 PET computer in the museum. We did not have the Cloud in the museum. The publisher did nice work enhancing the photo.

Two of the many photograph's by Logan were used in the publication.

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Computer museum, David larsen
Dr. Terry Rakes (L) and David Larsen (R) 

Dr. Terry Rakes (L) and David Larsen (R) museum curator discussing the Apple-1 clone computer display.

You can see why I like this photo with me  - This was very generous of the publisher to use this photo.

Photo credits Logan Wallace - Thank you.

Here is the full article as published.
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Heading to the Cloud

The article "HEADING to the CLOUD" is very interesting.  Here is the full story and you can read it by clicking on the image.

Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business
"Heading up to the Cloud" Virginia Tech BUSINESS MAGAZINE

The information in this blog is from the  "Virginia Tech Business, magazine of the Pamplin College of Business." Thank you for the nice credit line about the museum in the article.

A big thank you to Sookhan Ho at Virginia Tech  for helping select our museum, making all the photo arrangements and giving permission to use this information. 

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
David Larsen
The use of these photo's in 45,000 copies of the College of Business publication is great PR for the museum. All of the curators and staff at he museum are very grateful to the VT Pamplin College of Business for selecting our museum as background for the these photos.  A big thank you to Dr. Terry Rakes and Logan Wallace for making the trip over to little town of Floyd, Virginia and our museum.  

           ."by David Larsen"  KK4WW Computer Collector Historian 

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