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Apple-1 computers continue to generate news stories

bugbook Computer Museum
David Larsen with Apple-1 in his museum

Golly - Just recently a women cleaned out her garage of old computer junk and took it to a recycling center in San Francisco - the operators of the center must be good folks. Going thought her boxes of stuff they found an Apple-1 computer and sold it to a private buyer for $200,000. They are currently looking for the lady that donated the computer junk to share 1/2 of the sale with her.  I hope they find her - as good a winning the lottery $100,000.  See story. one more story 


Their are many  good books about the history of the Apple-1 computer - Here is Bob Luther's Story in book form. Bob owned 2 Apple-1 computers and has sold both of them one at Christie's in December 2014 and one on Ebay about April 2015.

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david Larsen , computer museum
the first Apple , Book
"the first Apple" by Robert J. Luther, Published by Press
ISBN 978-0-9891677-0-3 Copyright 2013 385 pages
 - book is full of interesting and often intriguing interviews of some of the folks associated with the start up of the Apple Computer Company. Bob has reason to believe the Apple 1 computer he purchased at a Sheriff's Sale in 2004 is the first one sold by the Apple Company to a consumer.  He interviewed many techies, historians and collectors of Apple memorabilia to document his Apple 1 computer. This is a great story of his fortunate find and being the winning bidder.

This podcast is an interesting story generated about an Apple-1 computer
 Bob Luther tells you in his own voice what inspired him to write his book "the first Apple"

(L-R) Bob Luther & David Larsen

Bob Luther visits our museum in 2013.

To see my list of reading books for historical microcomputers look here "CLICK"

Here is a podcast about my 60 years of computers, electronics and amateur radio "CLICK"

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
David Larsen
 The Apple-1 computers are rare and continue to generate news on a regular basis like the women who gave hers to a computer recycle place and had no idea it was worth $200,000. I have posted about Luther's book to bring attention to his audio story above and additional  interesting books about the early days of microcomputers.

 Looking forward to seeing our twin granddaughters graduate from High School this weekend in Maryland.    ."by David Larsen"  KK4WW Computer Collector Historian 

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