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"The First Apple" A fresh look at Apple 1 computer pioneers / collectors by Author, Bob Luther - His Book

NEWS FLASH - Bob Luther is selling his "First Apple 1 Computer"  December 11,2014 at Christie's Auction.  
"the first Apple" - Bob Luther's - fresh off the press - book is full of interesting and often intriguing interviews of some of the folks associated with the start up of the Apple Computer Company. Bob has reason to believe the Apple 1 computer he purchased at a Sheriff's Sale in 2004 is the first one sold by the Apple Company to a consumer.  He interviewed many techies, historians and collectors of Apple memorabilia to document his Apple 1 computer. This is a great story of his fortunate find and being the winning bidder.  I have found every interview he did in researching the material for his book held my interest - I read most of the book in one setting. I was fascinated to learn all the tidbits of information and sometime intrigue about the various eclectic folks associated  the Apple 1 computer as told in "the first Apple" book.  Send Message CLICK   Like us Click

           Bob Luther tells you in his own voice what inspired him to write his book "the first Apple"

Bob started collecting as a young teenager and before he had a drivers license he purchased 1962 Corvette. When he was able to drive he had 1963 Red Mercedes sedan. He read classified advertising over the years an became a skilled "Picker" of interesting and valuable / collectable stuff.  In 2004 Bob read a small classified advertisement in the Washington Post about a sheriff's sale of items seized from a wealthy dot com entrepreneur who had fled the US. The sheriff was selling a large quantity of very rare and collectable items. The sale was on a very cold Saturday and Bob braved the cold and purchased several rare items including the Apple 1 microcomputer - the Apple 1 eventually resulted  in his writing the  book "the first Apple".  I have read the book and it is a very interesting story about his computer and the interviews he did with collectors and pioneers associated with the Apple company and his Apple 1. 

Here is where you can get more information: I highly reccommend Bob's book as a great read for anyone interested in how the Apple 1 was a major player in the computer revolution.
Here is where you can buy your copy Amazon  Soft Cover book : here is ebook link A nice introduction to Bob Luther as author here.

 Update - Bob talks about shipping books for his Kickstarter program - 8-22-13

LR Bob Luther - David Larsen
 About 2 years ago I received a phone call from Sarah Hutton - a research intern at that time for Bob. She had many good questions for me as the owner of several Apple 1 Computers. About one year ago Bob came to Floyd, Virginia for a visit and to interview me about our Apple 1 experiences. I am delighted that the interview ended up in the  book as the former Christmas Tree Grower in Southwest Virginia.  

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I have been associated with computers for more than 50 years and was totally engaged during the first 30 years of the microcomputer revolution while teaching at Virginia Tech.  I continue to this day as a serious collector and historian of microcomputer memorabilia. I have learned a host of new and interesting stories  from Bob's book - Anyone with an interest in computer history and specially about Apple 1 computers will find this book keeping them up at night well past regular bed time.
"By David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector Historian

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