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Microcomputer Collector "Win Heagy' Visits 'Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum' 4-19-13

We were pleased to have Win Heagy a serious historical microcomputer collector visit our "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum".  Win was on his way to the first Vintage Computer Festival Southeast (VCFSE) in Roswell, GA. 

Here is what David Greelish founder of VCFSE tells us about the festival :

Year after year, the various VCFs have presented an amazing line-up of speakers and workshops for the computer history and classic computing enthusiast. We are proud to keep that tradition with the VCFSE.
Workshops are scheduled for each morning of the show, and speakers during the afternoon. There will also be some fun bonus sessions scheduled throughout each show day.


Win Heagy and David Larsen ( Museum Director) in museum , Floyd Virginia. We have about 100 computers and 100 calculators on display at our small museum display.  The main part of our collection has been inventoried and is stored in our climate controlled warehouse. It is our desire over the next few years to have most of our historical computers and memorabilia on display in our museum or loaned out to others.
Ticket to festival

The festival is this weekend April 20 & 21,2013 and I  sure wish I would be there - it would be great to see all the displays and visit with other collectors and historians.

 Win and David with Apple 1 microcomputer from the museum display. This is special viewing for Win as the Apple 1 microcomputers are stored in the local bank vault and brought out for special occasions.

Link to my Apple 1 video's 'CLICK'

Link to Apple 1 Blog posting 'CLICK'

We have many visitors to our museum display however not many really serious collectors of historical microcomputers. Win and I were able to have some great discussions about old computers and share stories about how we were able to locate our special finds. It is a beautiful weekend and I know Win and all the others at the VCFSE will have a great time in Roswell, GA.  I sure hope to make it to the next computer festival and meet other collectors.  I have been a collector of Historical Microcomputer Memorabilia for over 40 years & have many stories to share. "by David Larsen" KK4WW Historical Microcomputer Collector/Historian.

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  1. David,

    That's great! Thanks for the blog entry!

    Let me tell you again how much I appreciated your time on Friday. Being able to see the Apple 1's up close like that was a surprise. Thanks getting them out to show me. That's is the most impressive collection I've ever seen. I definitely want to keep in touch and see if we can work out a deal on a PDP-8 and an IMSAI. That would check two machines off my list and certainly round out my collection.

    The show here was very good today. The Apple pop up museum was well done. It looked like a professional museum exhibit. The hobbyist section was pretty good and they had a nice showing from the Atlanta Historical Computing Society. Pretty descent number of attendees....they were estimating about 300 people came today. A few good speakers tomorrow, so I'll likely stay till the end and try to get on the road by around 3:30. I want to get 4-5 hours of driving before stopping for the night. Win Heagy


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