Sunday, April 14, 2013

History of Microcomputers - David's Lecture at New River Community College

Dr. David Filer visits our museum
I am delighted to be giving a lecture about the history of microcomputers this week at New River Community College (NRCC) at the Chistiansburg , Virginia campus.  Dr. David Filer IT  professor at NRCC visited our Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum display in Floyd , Virginia several months ago and thought some of the students would like to know more about the history of microcomputers. He invited me to tell some of the history story. Click here to send  Tweet' hashtag #KK4WW if you enjoy the blog or have a comment

 I have been a supporter of the classes at NRCC college for at least 30 years. About 1970 Melvin Mabry started using our Bugbooks in his digital electronics classes at NRCC. He continued to use the books and our training aids for many years.  Then in about 1986 I became a Board Member at NRCC and served for 8 years. I guess overall I have had an association with NRCC 20 years.

It is hard to give much information in 35 or 40 minutes however it has been fun developing my material and making a Power Point presentation. I will only be able to give the most important high lights and a few fun stories about some of the pioneers.

Intel MCS8-10 & Apple1

Two computers that will be part of our lecture will be the 2 shown in the photograph. - The Intel MCB 8-10 and the Apple 1 microcomputer .
I will be there at 9 AM Wednesday the 17th - If you are interested maybe you can show up.  I will give a report on my experience in the next blog. I know I will be having a good time and hope those present enjoy the chat.

David Larsen

I has been a beautiful weekend and my wife and I spent a lot of time working at our Chantilly Farm. We had some great help so it was a nice work day with good fellowship.  "by David Larsen" Computer Collector/Historian

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  1. Their was a tragic shooting at New River Community College on Friday and today - Wednesday was the first day of classes so my lecture was cancelled for now. More Later - David Larsen


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