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Computer Memory is now 4,000,000,000,000 time larger then 49 years ago

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The Intel 1702A EPROM  (1971) has only 256 bytes of memory - today the USB Flash drive has 1 Terabyte of memory --- that is  an  incredible  4,000,000,000,000 times more memory.  This is a number so large I just can not sort it out in my mind. 

1000 GB or 1 Terabyte
Flash Drive. It would take
125.000,000,000 C2708 chips
to have this much memory!!!!

Moore's law seems to be working after 56 years. Gordon Moore made the observation and prediction in 1965 that the density of components on a silicon chip would double every 2 years. 

The USB Flash drive to the left has 1 Terabyte of memory.
That is 1000 Gigabytes.

It would take 125,000,000,000 of the Intel C-2708 Chips to equal this amount of memory.  A really big change in 56 years of technology.  This 1 Terabyte USB flash drive cost $39.00. 

Please note the Intel C-2708 has 125 times more memory than the Intel 1702 EPROM at the top of page. 

Help wanted 

 A project to make presentation displays for 
 2708 EPROM memory chips and a little history.

Intel C-2708 EPROM
memory chips.
I have 359 of these really nice Intel 2708 EPROM chips purchased in 1987. These chips are all nice white ceramic with gold pins and gold tops. They are part of my 45 years of collecting microcomputer memorabilia. 

What I want to do is make a presentation case/display for use as example of this early microcomputer and memory technology.  

Curious about EPROM memories - take a look here at a my blog post about the very first EPROM -  the Intel 1702A - Get an idea of  how and why they were used. "CLICK"

Intel C2708 EPROM 
A Smart display/presentation case is easily  possible.

A small Raspberry pie microcomputer can be included to provide many photos/videos and text that could be picked up on a smart phone using Bluetooth/WiFi connection. The unit could be connected to the internet with WiFi and linked to selected information on line about the history of microcomputers.

The use of these EPROMs is nice because the quartz window allowing a view of the IC chip. You should know the window was not put there for you to look into the IC - the window allows the memory to be erased by exposing the chip to UV light.

Photo of the 2708 EPROM
silicon chip that is viewed through
the quartz window on the IC.

It would be very nice to include a way to see into the window on the 2708 and get some idea what the actual silicon chip looks like. This could be a magnifying glass or maybe a photo of the chip would be best. Of course with the smart part of the presentation case just a view of the proper web site may be best way to obtain  more information.

Bottom side of 2708 EPROM
showing date code of 1977 &
made in Malaysia.

All my IC 2708 chips have a 1977 date code time of manufacture.

More information about EPROM memories - here is my video of the 1702 the very first EPROM chip. You will find this interesting. 

Summary of project:

To build and market a beautiful small  presentation case about microcomputer technology - most  likely out of wood that could be on the desk or appropriate space on the wall. The unit could be just a nice piece on the desk of those who have an interest in microcomputer history or are currently involved in the technology.  It would be a great conversation piece with the smart technology to bone up on the history of microelectronic technology and a real piece of history included - the Intel 2708 EPROM. 

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