Thursday, August 27, 2020

land for sale by owner - Floyd Virginia


Hi friends - most of you know that most of  Post on this site have been about my interest in Historical Microcomputers and Amateur Radio.  

My family has lived and worked in the Floyd County Virginia area for the past 53 years and during 52 years I have been involved in farming and rural real estate.   I just wanted to post information about my life long interest in farm land.  A major part of this interest is the buying and selling land as "For Sale By Owner" for 52 years.

The new "For Sale By Owner"  rack card designed by my associate Jason Gallimore. Take a look at the card information below for a good idea of how my associates and I work with land & farms.

                        Give me a call if you have any interest in land or farm in our area. 540 392 2392

David Larsen
 Blog Author

"by David Larsen"  Chantilly Farm ownerComputer Historian, and amateur radio operator -KK4WW   & N4USA .  I work out of one of the Tiny Homes at Chantilly Farm. A great place to work if you like the to be out in nature. I am 81 and ready to sell Chantilly Farm - I have a few more  projects I would like to do - if you have an interest to know more give me a call. 540 392 2392

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