Friday, October 6, 2017

Schoolsky Apple-1 sells for $401,000 delivered to new owner

Schoolsky Apple-1 computer
sold at auction and is picked up
for delivery to new owner
The Schoolsky Apple-1 computer was sold by Chartitybuzz at auction for $401,000  9/26/17.  The currier "Dynamic Packaging" driver  Paul Puletti arrived about 9 AM on Wednesday 10/4/17 for pickup and delivery to new owner. This computer has been part of David Larsen's "Bugbook Computer Museum" for the past 23 years.  It will diven directly from the courier in Richmond,VA to the  new owner in NY by FedEx Critical and should arrive Thursday 10/5/17

Apple-1 computer on table with
David Larsen (L) & Paul Puletti (R

David Larsen seller of his Schoolsky Apple-1 computer on the left. On the right is Paul Puletti of Dynamic Packaging in Richmond Virginia. Paul will pick up the compute and take it to Richmond and build the special container to send the Apple-1 on to the new owner by Fedex Critical custom delivery.

David Larsen signs
pickup papers for
the Schoolsky
Apple-1 computer

Assigning the Schoolsky Apple-1  over to the Currier Dynamic Packaging.

Paul loading Apple-1
computer into van for first
part of delivery transfer  to
Fedex in Richmond Virginia

I signed off on the computer and it is now up to Paul to get it to the new owner.

David and Paul with van
loaded Apple-1
Schoolsky Computer

The Apple-1 and the other items are loaded ready to go to Richmond, Virginia.

FedEx Critical delivery 
WOW This is the FedEx Critical truck that made the delivery from the Richmond office of  Dynamic Packaging in Richmond Virginia to the new owner in NY. FedEx has two drivers for these high value loads.

We loaded it at 2:38 AM 10/5/17 and it was delivered to its new home just under 9 hours later at 11:30.

The Schoolsky Apple-1 computer as packaged by Dynamic Packaging and is the only cargo in this the truck  (shown above).  It must have been a little lonely in the back of the truck for the 9 hour trip to NY.

See how the Apple-1 computer was packaged in this wooden container.

Here is a detailed look at what was included with the Schoolsky Apple-1 computer.

Video -  shipping the Schoolsky Apple-1 from Floyd VA  4.24 minutes   

Video - David describing the Apple-1 before it was packed up for new owner 2 minutes 

Video - Documentation as part of Schoolsky Apple-1 computer sale  2.59 minutes    

"by David Larsen"  Computer collector and historian. Working with Charitybuzz auctioning the Apple-1 was a great experience. Charitybuzz was a real pleasure to work with - I owe the team at Charitybuzz big thank you and lots of gratitude. David KK4WW

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