Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Schoolsky Apple-1 computer and IPhone 10 sale on the same day.

The Schoolsky Apple-1 sold at Charitybuzz auction 9/26/17 for $401,000
Update on delivery to new owner

The first  Apple product (Apple1 computer) and the newest (iPhone 10) went on sale the same day.  Charitybuzz auction of the rare Schoolsky Apple1 computer started September 12th and Tim Cook - Apple CEO announced the Iphone 10 the same day.

The Schoolsky Apple1 Computer has been announced to be at auction for a few weeks prior to start of the online auction with a peek at the Schoolsky Apple1 and all the documentation. The tag line "Take a byte of Apple Computer history with this rare vintage computer from 1976" creating a big response and a lot of buzz about the auction.

Schoolsky Apple1 Computer
 Charitybuzz auction,

Full Schoolsky Apple1 auction information "Click"

Information about the Schoolsky Apple1 computer and all the documentation "CLICK"


Apple iPhone 10
The new iPhone X launch announced by Tim Cook was tribute to  Apple founder Steve Jobs.  Jobs is credited with  growing the Apple company from a business selling the first 200 Apple1 computers built in his home to being the largest company in the world.  The Apple1 computer was designed by Steve Wozniak the Apple cofounder.

The new iPhone launch was also a history making event on the new Apple  'spaceship' campus in Cupertino, California. The event was held in the  "Steve Jobs Theater". The first facility to open on the $5 billion campus.


"By David Larsen"    This is an exciting day for the old and new Apple products. Glad to be a part of the first Apple product sale " The Schoolsky Apple1 computer"

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