Monday, December 18, 2017

30 ton Vintage Computer collection moves to the "Computer Museum of America".

bugbook Computer Museum
Apple-1 computer 
It was a 45 years effort and a great hobby to build my "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer" collection. The Collection was acquired by the Computer Museum of America and in February of this year (2016) it was all packed up and sent to the CMoA in Roswell, Georgia. A crew of 6 took  10 days to pack the 10,000 items. When the trucks were loaded one of them could not make it up the hill from the warehouse and I had to call a tow truck to help. Several tons had to be taken off that truck to keep it in the legal weight for the road. When the trucks weighted  for the trip they were loaded with more then 30 tons of microcomputer artifacts. 

Here is a news story about the shipment and moving the collection. "CLICK" 

David G Larsen
David Larsen

It is a real pleasure to have the collection now reside with a museum that is growing and can give good visibility our 45 year effort to build the collection. I am not sad to see the computer artifacts leave Floyd, Virginia and look forward to working with Lonnie Mimm's as a board member of his "Computer Museum of America".

 "by David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector / Historian 
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