Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Computer collectors Museum - Peek at 300 items on display - Bugbook Computer Museum

david Larsen, KK4WW, N4USA
Inside our museum, Floyd Virgini
Here is a folder of about 300 photos of items on display. This is about 3% of our collecting efforts of the past 40 years on display at our Museum. The other 97% of the collection is in our Museum warehouse. Our assistant curator Bryan Dowd made these photographs as part of his curator duty. I only wish I had made arrangements to photograph the whole collection as were were storing it in the warehouse. We don't have photos but do have 90% of the collection inventoried on a museum database software "Past Perfect".

Better - Visit our museum in Floyd Virginia and I will share a coffee or have lunch with you. We are located in the most beautiful part of the Blue Ridge Mountains just off the Blue Ridge Parkway  - milepost 165.

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Bugbook Computer Museum
 1958 Autonetics Recomp 2

One of the computers on display at the Bugbook Computer Museum. This is a 1958 Autonetics Recomp 2. A 200 lb portable transistorize computer. More about this computer "CLICK"

Take a tour and look at all the computers in the museum - very nice photos "CLICK".

View photos as slide Show

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Here is an audio of my journey collecting the microcomputer  memorabilia. An interview recorded by Eric 4Z4UG's for his Podcast "QSO Today" "CLICK" for podcast. 

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David Larsen, kk4ww, n4usa
Chantilly Farm , Floyd Virginia
Visit the museum in Floyd and this is a view you will see  in our area  of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is our farm about 1 mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway MP 160. We call this "Chantilly Farm" (Take look "CLICK") and it is a festival and event farm. We also have ham radio station in the officer here N4USA and 2 campgrounds. One of the campgrounds has 25 full service RV campsites that are Ham Radio Friendly. Lots of wild game and trails for hiking or biking. When not working at the Computer Museum you will find me at the farm.


David Larsen

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the photos taken in our museum. Better yet visit and see the museum and eclectic community of Floyd, Virginia.  Thank you for reading my blog and have a wonderful holiday season for 2015. Dave

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