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Computer TK-80 single board 8080 microcomputer 1976

David Larsen , KK4WW
TK-80 NEC Microcomputer
I find it very interesting that I am still getting offers for microcomputer memorabilia. Of course it is just great and satisfying to still be collecting however I have not been in an acquisition mode the past few years.

Update 3/7/16 - This computer like all the others in our collection are headed for the Computer Museum of America.  The truck with this computer arrived in Roswell, Georgia last Friday 3/5/16. I still have a number of people contacting me about donating and I will be accepting vintage computer systems and passing them on to the Computer Museum of America. 

Here is an email from a few days ago 11/29/15.

  Hello, My name is Jessica and I was wondering if you would be interested in buying a TK-80 microcomputer or if you could lead me in the right direction.  There isn’t much information that I have found about it but I know it is rare. I have attached some pics for you to look at.  Please let me know if you are interested or not or if you would like more pics. Thanks!

My response - Hi Jessica - Thank you for the information about your TK-80 computer. I would have an interest in purchasing the TK-80.  Please tell me the  price you hope to get for this computer.
Warmest Regards, David Larsen

Good morning David, I’m really not too familiar with vintage computers and have found little information about this one in particular. It comes with everything in the pictures.  On the inside of the box there is a written note that says “shot LED” but I see it comes with a new one. (I put that in the pics as well).  What do you think it is worth??  I trust you know about these computers way more then I do and will make me a fair offer. Thanks, Jessica

Jessica and I agreed on a price and the computer is now a part of the Bugbook Computer Museum.

To enlarge "Click on photo"
Bugbook Computer Museum
TK-80 NEC Microcomputer
TK-80 NEC Single Board Computer with NEC8080
Microprocessor 1976.

TK-80 is a training kit for 8-bit microcomputers released by NEC Corporation (NEC) in 1976. In February of the same year, the Microcomputer Sales Department was newly established within the Semiconductor Department, and began selling new microcomputer chips. With an appeal by the head of the sales department at the time – “Think of a new idea using microcomputers, anything!” – the TK-80 was born. Source ISPA Computer Museum. 

At Ueno,  in Tokyo the TK-80 shares a display with the well known Busicom calculator.

NEC 8080 microcomputer
TK-80 keyboard

TK-80 keyboard -- looks like IBM used this microcomputer at one time.

david Larsen, Museum
ROM chips

ROM chips with BIOS.

David Larsen , KK4ww
NEC 8080 software Manual

The NEC 8080 microprocessor manual. This computer cam ready to use with power supply, operating and software manuals.

bugbook computer museum
NEC 8080 microprocessor manual

The NEC 8080 microprocessor manual 1975.

Bugbook Microcomputer Museum
TK-80 design date 1978

Design date of microcomputer 1978

bugbook computer museum
TK-80 operation manual 

A nice operation manual for the TK-80.

bugbook microcomputer museum
TK-80 & Power supply 

Ready to operate - just plug in the power supply and have fun.

Additional information about the TK-80 computers - it is reported that about 66,000 were made.

David LArsen, Computer museum
TK-80 Microcomputer
Here is the engineering and educational version with some area for breadboarding circuits.

david Larsen KK4WW
TK-80 with Basic

Here is version of TK-80 with expansion board ready to run Basic with keyboard.

TK-80 Ready to operate
The whole system TK-80 

Here is a complete TK-80 Microcomputer system turnkey ready to operate with display , keyboard, data recorder and power supply.

More information about the TK-80 - Their were several versions. "CLICK"

David Larsen
Thank you Jessica for contacting me about this computer. Have a very Merry Christmas.

It was fun unpacking this computer as it is in very nice condition with manuals and original box.

Thank you for reading my blog and have a wonderful holiday Christmas season for 2015. Dave

."by David Larsen"  KK4WW Computer Collector Historian   
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