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Vintage Computer Volksmodem 70's 300 baud modem

Bugbooks David Larsen KK4WW
I found this vintage Volksmodem while searching for some papers in the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum" warehouse. It is new and never been out of the box until now.  It is a good example of an early low priced modem.

Here is a video of the Volksmodem 'CLICK'
 'The Universal Interface for Computer Communications by  Telephone'
  • Connects directly to a wall jack
  • Telephone receiver jack with Voice/Data
  • 300 baud ( bits per second )
  • Bell 103 compatible
  • Originate/answer mode automatically selected
  • Battery powered, low drain for long life ( batteries not included )Made in USA
Manufactured by Anchor Automation,6913 Valjean  Avenue, Van Nuys, California 91406
Enlarge the photo's by clicking on them and then even more by a right click and select "View image' you can easily read the text
Back of Box 

To interconnect the Volksmodem you need appropriate cable, computer, telephone, appropriate software and in some cases a serial communications port or card.

Volksmodem modem
one sided circuit board
Volksmodem modem
Volksmodem Specifications 300 baud

 The instructions and manual are so simple. This should be easy to use.

Ruth a Larsen
That's me David at age 5 1943
WOW  Here I am with my mother Ruth and dad William in 1943. I was 5 years old .  Five years later I had a crystal radio and that started my life long interest in electronics. I received my amateur radio call license( W7VZW now KK4WW ) in 1954 at age 15. I have said may times my folks were old time farm people. They did have a car here but early in their marriage they used a horse and buggy. I have great pictures of their early days -- really interesting.
"by David Larsen"  KK4WW Computer Collector Historian   
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