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Amateur Radio Pioneer 'Wayne S. Green' 91,died 'W2NSD SK' September 13th - First Publisher of '73' & 'Byte' Magazines.

Wayne Green
Wayne Green
73 magazineWayne Green died September 13th 2013, he was 91 and lived a long an interesting eclectic life. Wayne  (W2NSD ) was a champion of early use of single sideband (SSB), repeater technology which he said was the idea for cell telephones and more. I remember one story about him convincing the military by flying around the world in a military plane  transmitting with SSB with high ranking officers that SSB was the wave of the future . Wayne will be remembered by Amateur Radio operator for many of his pioneer ideas in radio technology and publishing a variety of publications. His most visible work was the publication of 73 magazine for radio hams.  His editorials in 73 magazine were usually controversial creating a following that thought he was a bit crazy or others that thought he was on the money for many of his ideas and theories.

Byte Magazine
Byte Magazine
Wayne joined the microcomputer revolution very early and suggested  folks could make real money in this new field. Wayne started several businesses in the computer field and early on had some success selling software to microcomputer users. He better known for his computer magazines starting with Byte Magazine  September 1975. His wife at the time hijacked the magazine from him in the first few months and this created  dozens of intriguing stories.  He immediately started Kilobyte only to be sued by his former wife to not use the word Byte and he had to change the name to Kilobaud. He started and published many more magazines about computers and ham radio.

Wayne was always interesting to talk with and at one time he suggested he accompany my FAIRS group on a visit to the Soviet Union - He was sure he could be a help them do better at amateur radio.

Here is a post by former Wayne Green employee Robert Mitchell - it tells a lot about Wayne Green.

I liked Wayne and he was truly a pioneer and deserves a lot of credit for his computer and amateur radio contributions.  Many folks would do well to use some of the many useful ideas he presented in his magazines and lately his blog postings.

David Larsen
Good by Wayne you made us all think more about the life we live and how we could do better.

   "By David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector Historian  

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