Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PDP 8S Minicomputer discovered hidden in warehouse

PDP8S minicomputer
                           Computer Collector Lyle Bickley now has this computer in his collection.
I received this PDP8S minicomputer from a fellow collector in 1990 and it has remained unopened for all these years. Desiring to focus on the historical microcomputers  I have found new homes for most of my minicomputers. It was now time to open the box for the very first time. My friend Clement Pierre Lewis visiting from Dominica helped open the box and make the video. The computer and box weight about 100 lbs so it was a two person effort.  It was fun to open the box - sort of like early Christmas and I am very pleased with the condition of the computer.
A video  opening the box with PDP8S inside - This was fun

PDP8S minicomputer
Here is the box PDP8S was in for the past 24 years.
The computer is about 50 years old so it was it has
been in this box for 1/2 of its existence. The wooden
box is rare these day so maybe I should keep it as
example of how it was shipped in the old days.
PDP8S minicomputer

 The PDP8S computer is in good condition and
has interface cables to attach to a peripheral
device. Computer made by Digital Equipment 

PDP8S minicomputer

Not room for one more card in the computer and it
appears to be in very good condition.

PDP8S minicomputer

The core memory stack consisting of
4k of 12 bit words.

PDP8S minicomputer

The computer is self contained in a small cabinet
with built in power supplies.

David Larsen
David Larsen
You can see the actual unpacking for the first time in the video listed above the photo's. This was an interesting and fun experience and the computer is a real beauty.  I do not plan to power it up at this time however I would not be surprised if it worked ---- out of the box.
  "By David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector Historian   
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  1. What a find David - has that one found a home yet?
    Roger A in Endicott NY

    1. Hi Roger - Thank you for the comment. Yes I will be shipping the computer Friday to Lyle Beckley in California. I don't think I have any more minicomputers to find new homes for. I do have a lot of duplicates of various microcomputers and will be posting them for sale as I have time.


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