Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vintage Computer MARK 8 sent to MARCH in Wall NJ

Hi - The MARK 8 computer  I sent to the 'Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyist' ( MARCH ) in Wall , NJ arrived yesterday 2-25-13. I am glad to loan it to them from our 'Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum' here in Floyd Virginia. I do hope it will be a display that folks like.  Some of the members of MARCH are planning on restoring the computer to working order and putting in a nice display case so the MARK 8 cards are viewable.

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Here is a video of the MARK 8 August 5,2013 short demonstration Mark 8 Minicomputer at Mid-Atlantic Retro Workshop 

Here is a telephone conversation with George Overfelt about the MARK 8 and other computer topics 8-15-13 - Nice that George is still active at his age - We chat now and then by phone about this MARK 8 computer he built 37 years ago in 1976 - This added 8-15-13 

Here is one of my first interviews 1-28-13 with George Overfelt 25 years after we acquired the MARK8 from him. Added here 8-22-13

Evan Koblentz president of the MARCH group has already been in contact with Jon Titus ( The designer of the MARK 8 ) and he has offered to help as he can.  We are delighted to have this computer in the MARCH museum .

                                                                    Jon Titus

David Larsen
It is cold, windy, lots of ice and not a nice day.
" by Dave Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector Historian



  1. It's a cold windy day here too. On days like these, I enjoy staying warm near my soldering iron!

    Thanks for sharing that MARK 8, it's creating quite a stir!

    Josh Bensadon

  2. Thank you Josh - Nice to hear from you here on the Blog. Also nice to chat on the phone about the old collectable computers .

    Dave Larsen


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