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Computer Museum Curator is a hoarder of good Memorabilia

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These Gerber bottles are from 1963 when my son was born and I was working at Konel Electronics.  Konel made marine radio transmitters and used a lot of stainless steel hardware.  The hardware nuts and bolts that fell on the floor were just swept up and tossed in the trash. It was not worth the time to sort the little hardware pieces & I saved some useful items. Sidney Koningsberg  owner of Konel was a great fellow. He gave me my first job out of college in 1963 and loaned me $3000 for a down payment on my first house.

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David Larsen, Computer Musem
Konel Marine Radio Transmitter  1963

This 52 year old Gerber bottles may be collectible items however  for me they just contain useful hardware from 50 years ago. I find uses for this hardware often.

A  video of hoard of Gerber Baby Bottles "CLICK"

Gerber Baby food bottles
Gerber Baby food bottles

Some have red tops and some blue - I don't know just what that indicated. A bottle collector would know.

Computer museum, david Larsen
Konel Marine Radio Transmitter 

I saved some of the discarded stainless hardware nuts and bolts for my own use. I used these Gerber jars to store the little nuts and bolts and here we are more then 52 years later with the remaining hardware. It has been useful all these years to be able to use the hardware as needed and it is often I do need a few of these parts for repair.

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Konel Marine Radio Transmitter 

More hardware -  I have about 10 of this bottles with various hardware items stored.

Computer museum, curator
Konel Marine Radio Transmitter 
This is where I gathered the hardware stored in the Gerber bottles 53 years ago.
This Konel Marine Radio Transmitter was built by the company I worked for when I graduated from Oregon State University in June 1963. I had a lot of experience with transmitters and receivers - Ham Radio at 15 years old ( and still at it 61 years latter) - 2 years in Navy are Radio technician. I also worked 2 years during my Summers while in college for Mr. Koningsberg .

This Konel transceiver is on display in our museum.

Little video of this Konel transceiver "CLICK"
A good day in the museum - 6-21-15

Computer Museum, David Larsen
Kids day 2015 Amateur Radio
Amateur Radio Station N4USA used to make contacts nation wide on this Kids Days - a special day when Amateur radio operators brings kids into their station for the experience of talking to other children direct by two way long distance short wave radio. At N4USA we made contact with stations and kids in NY, Montana, Illinois,and other states.
 Bugbook Computer

computer Museum David Larsen
Kids day 2015 Amateur Radio

The Kids day ham operators L-R Matt Standberry, Mark Ward, David Larsen, & Tom King.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
David Larsen

 Still having fun at 76 yrs. 

           ."by David Larsen"  KK4WW Computer Collector Historian 

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