Sunday, February 8, 2015

"QSO Today" How Amateur Radio & Computers provided exciting opportuinties -KK4WW on Eric's 4Z4UG's Podcast

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Bugbook Historical Microcomputer MuseumI had a great time being interviewed by Eric 4Z1UG about how ham radio has opened many doors for me during my six decades of ham radio on his Podcast "QSO Today". Take a look listen to the variety of exciting stories of amateur radio operators on his podcast network.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Eric 4Z4UG producer of QSO Today

Here is how Eric describes his podcast network "QSO today"
A QSO is a conversation between amateur radio operators. Listen to our podcast conversations between Eric, 4Z1UG, and Amateur Radio operators, "Hams" about their journey through the exciting hobby of ham radio

Episode 027 "From QSO Today"
Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
David Larsen KK4WW Computer Museum Curator
Amateur Radio opened many doors for David Larsen, KK4WW, that began in high school, followed by the US Navy, a front row seat to the burgeoning computer industry, a career at Virginia Tech, World travel, and a visit to the White House.   David joins Eric, 4Z1UG, in his QSO Today to discuss his ham radio life and all of the wonderful opportunities and relationships that amateur radio created for he and his family. Now as the historian and curator of the Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum, David has his perfect vehicle for preserving his unique past for future generations.  

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