Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Computer Museum - Busy day - visitors - music jam - Amateur Radio club meeting - Interviewed by reporter

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Museum BugsA
 home run today
Today was a great day with many activities at the museum- visitors - music jam - Amateur Radio club meeting - Interviewed by reporter - new displays . 

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LR Emily Wilson,Catherine Vanney, Matt Gentry
A good day for the museum with columnist Catherine Van Noy and staff photographer Matt Gentry from the Roanoke Times newspaper. Catherine did an interview with me and our assistant curator Emily Wilson. Matt and Catherine both had a big interest in the historical computers and the interview was truly a fun experience.  I will post a link when the story is published.

Update - Here is the story Catherine wrote for the New River section of the Roanoke times - "Floyd boast microcomputer museum" 

bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
New banner at Apple 1 computer Display 
Today we added 3 new banners in the museum. The banners can also be read just looking into the museum from outside so they help during times we are not open and for visitors to the museum.

This banner for the Apple 1 Computer display describes the computer as the rarest of collectible computers.

You can read the banners by clicking on the photo.

bugbook Microcomputer Historical Museum
About the Musuem 

This banner is really nice and tells about how the museum originated and what you will see inside.  This is visible looking in through the front door.

Assistant Curator "Emily Wilson" designed the new banners for the museum.

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 "Blacksburg Continuing Education Series" of books

The story of book series created by the "Blacksburg Group" in the late 1970's and 80's. I was a part of this group and more then 70 books  in the series and over  million in print. These were good times for my colleagues and I.

bugbook historical microcomputer museum
Amateur Radio Club Meeting W4FCV

Club meeting at Museum.

Amateur Radio station N4USA is located in our museum and the "Floyd Amateur Radio Society" (FARS) meets once a month in the museum. A good meeting with about 20 attending.

                                         Jazz music jam at the museum View full story

David Larsen
WOW---- many wonderful activities at the museum today.


  1. It is so nice to hear the news and see familiar faces! 73 from Helen UR5WA

    1. Hi Helen - Great to know you are following the blog now and then - We are busy this weekend with the Auto Fair at Chantilly. Dave KK4ww


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