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Computer History - A resource for Computer Museums, Microcomputer Blogs, & Computer Historical Information

 David makes a few comments about these computer resource links I have assembled this list over the past several years and find it nice to have as a quick reference to historical computer information. This list can always be expanded and if you have a favorite source of computer historical information or related topic please sent it to me at contact and I will add it to this list. I hope you find this useful and I recommend you Bookmark this page for easy future use.
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This is just a list not in a specific order.                                                                     
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History of Computing in Learning and Education Project Wiki!
S100 Computers  John Monahan
Bugbook Computer Museum
The Calculator Reference - Rick Furr, Blacksburg , VA
Bob Denton  History - pioneers
Bill Degnan's  Vintage Computer. net      
David Greelish's Classic Computing
David Larsen'sVintage Computer Museum Video's 
Obsolute Technology Old Computers
Bruce Damer Digibarn
Rick Crandall   a pioneer of computer timesharing services
Erick Klein's Vintage Computer
David Larsen's Apple 1 Computer Video's
Dan Reganti's Classic Computers
Mike Willegal's Hobby Blog
Jeffery Jonas Classic Computers
Mid Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyist
Computer History Museum  
Living Computer Museum
Rhode Island Computer Museum
Official IMSAI web site
Inventors - computers 
SCELBI computer museum - Cameron Cooper 
Herb's S-100 stuff
Altair Kit.com
The Unofficial CP/M Web site
PC History
SOL 20 
Vintage Calculator Museum Great Information by Nigel Tout
Apple History http://apple2history.org/ 
Michel Bardel's list of calculators.
Rhode Island Computer Museum
Photos of old computer/calculator  http://www.dvq.com/index.html
Endicott History & Heritage Center is presenting the IBM Endicott Collection 
The Museum of Information Technology at Arlington
The Personal Computer Museum       SYD BOLTON , Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Fun with Electronics and more - Tronola  by Stephen H. Lafferty 
Historical Computers and Vintage Computer Restoration   vintagecomputer.net
 Rich Cini Classic Computer Pages
Eniac a real vintage computer - great stories and photos 
david Larsen
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"by David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector / Historian


  1. I appreciate with the your post.

    1. Hi Paul - Thank you and glad this is a help. I just updated the info here. You can always get the latest by going to home page and drop down menu Microcomputer History ------- Dave


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