Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Computer Historian David Greelish is going to keep us laughing !!!!

David Greelish - Long time computer collector and historian posted on his "The Classic Computing Blog" August 7, 2013 -------- 

I Want to Be a Ballerina . . . Wait . . . I Mean Comedian!

This may be his last computer blog post -- well maybe not.  David had an epiphany experience and is going to  put his effort in a new direction - Comedy.  This is great -- I think you should follow your dream and I bet David will do just great in comedy.

 Here are a few quotes from his blog.

"This is how I feel, and this is what I've been thinking about. However, I'm not entirely disappointed, and I'm certainly not bitter. I’m excited and enthusiastic! I'm very proud of all of the great stuff I've done in the field, just that it's time for me to leave the "band" and break out on my own! Wait, I think I got away from that epiphany point I had wanted to make earlier (this writing stuff is hard). Here it is then. I have had one other hobby longer than anything else as an adult, and it goes back even further to when I was a child - comedy! Yes, it's a hobby. I think of laughing and humor as one of my hobbies, and it frankly has saved my life and gotten me through hard times. The ability to release stress and escape from the hardships of life through laughter is essential to me, and I feel it is essential to most people, whether they recognize it or not."
"So, back to that epiphany thing again; why am I not pursuing comedy myself? I love it and I joke all the time, plus I think I know good comedy. Why, because I have been too busy layering on one computer history project after another in hopes of the breakthrough, that's why. I believe that if you're creative, you will never be fulfilled in life unless you create. Again, I'm very happy with what I've created so far, but it's not enough, and I want to now create comedy! I know I will find even more fulfillment there - I know it in my heart"

                               David tells us about his interest and change to comedy.

Read his whole blog and I think you will agree this is a move that should be a great change for David and as he says " Again though, you may see the occasional blog post or tweet from me, and I would still welcome any chance to be someone's podcast guest to discuss computer history."

                                                                                                David Greelish - About me

David you can't go wrong following you dream to do comedy. I am sure all the computer folks like myself not only wish great success for you - we want to have fun with you so share your comedy with us along the way to fame.
  "By David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector Historian  
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