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Websites & blogs for computer collectors & historians

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Old Digital Equipment Corporation Computer 
I have been a collector of historical computer memorabilia for more than 40 years.   To help with the search for information I  have also collected a list of websites of computer museum's,  computer  history blogs and other sites useful for information about old computers.

Here is my collection of these websites I hope you fine this useful. Save this URL for getting the newest updates "CLICK"

Computer History - Websites & Blog's

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These are not in order - New sites are added at the bottom of the list.

Great History Resource - Computer History MuseumCollector of Classic Computers Rich Cini
Mark 8 Microcomputers
History of Computing in Learning and Education Project Wiki!
HCLE Virtual Museum Blog by Liza Loop
S100 Computers  John Monahan 
Bugbook Computer Museum
Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
The Calculator Reference - Rick Furr, Blacksburg , VA 
Bob Denton  History - pioneers
Bill Degnan's  Vintage Computer. net        
David Greelish's Classic Computing
David Larsen'sVintage Computer Museum Video's  
Obsolete Technology Old Computers 
Bruce Damer Digibarn
Rick Crandall   a pioneer of computer timesharing services
Erick Klein's Vintage Computer
David Larsen's Apple 1 Computer Video's 
Dan Reganti's Classic Computers
Mike Willegal's Hobby Blog 
Jeffery Jonas Classic Computers
Mid Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyist
Computer History Museum   
Living Computer Museum
Rhode Island Computer Museum
Official IMSAI web site 
Inventors - computers 
SCELBI computer museum - Cameron Cooper 
Herb's S-100 stuff  Herb Johnson's Blog
Altair Kit.com
The Unofficial CP/M Web site 
PC History
SOL 20 
Vintage Calculator Museum Great Information by Nigel Tout
Apple History http://apple2history.org/ 
Michel Bardel's list of calculators.
Rhode Island Computer Museum 
Photos of old computer/calculator  http://www.dvq.com/index.html
Endicott History & Heritage Center is presenting the IBM Endicott Collection 
The Museum of Information Technology at Arlington
The Personal Computer Museum       SYD BOLTON , Brantford, Ontario, Canada 
Fun with Electronics and more - Tronola  by Stephen H. Lafferty 
Historical Computers and Vintage Computer Restoration   vintagecomputer.net
 Rich Cini Classic Computer Pages
Eniac a real vintage computer - great stories and photos 
Old Technology Collection     Mike Loewen collection 
Vintage CPU Computer Chips  -  Collectibles, Memorabilia & Jewelry
IBM Archives 
Classic Computer Magazine Archive
Terry Stewart's vintage computers
Early Office Museum
Antique Chip Technology Revisited
Top 40 Vintage Computers Selling on ebay weekly  
Les amis du Bolo's Computer Museum - Lausanne switzerland   More Museum    Blog
Apple Museum in Moscow, Russia 
Hewlett Packard computer museum
Alex's Apple Orchard Bill and son Alex
Carl Friends minicomputer site 
Jason Fitzpatrick - blogger / collector
I T History Society
American Computer & Robotics Museum
Vintage collection of Flat Pack IC's  VINTCHIP site
Future Bots By Dan Mathias
Virtual Display by Santo Nucifora
Computer Museum Collection of Brian L. Stuart a faculty member at Drexel
TRS-80 Revived site by Ira Goldlang
Shrine Of Apple creation of Jonathan Zuf
VintageMicros Inc. specializes in vintage and obsolete memorabilia
RetroMacCast Where old Macs live again
 Vintage Mac Museum working collection of the pre-Intel Apple Macintosh
Computer Museum of America 
Dalby Datormuseum Sweden 
American Radio History - David Gleason's 2 million pages on line includes Byte Magazine
 Computer Asylum  
New Zealand Computer Museum    Techvana      
Museum of Computing UK     history of computing and digital development     
Vintage Mac Museum   private, working collection of Adam Rosen
6502 Microprocessor resource  by Mike Naberezny
cosma.org Computer Preservation  Mary E. Hopper website
The National Museum of Computing
The Turing Digital Archive
Center for Computer History UK
Vintage Computer Festival
DECconnection dedicated to the memory of our founder and hero, Kenneth H. Olsen (20 Feb 1926 - 6 Feb 2011).
SInclair ZX 81 Museum 
Freeman PC Museum
8-bit-retro-computing.blogspot.com/  Jim Cox Lab Manager at Microsoft
Glenn’s Computer Museum - CenTaur Technology
Retro Computing News  Stuart Williams, Walsall, England
.history of personal computing in Audio & Pictures by Jeff and David
classic.technology   Stefan's Personal Collection
Computer communities

David G Larsen
David G Larsen

A computer web site you like and not here - send it to me for adding.. 

 "by David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector / Historian 
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