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Apple-1 computer proof documents sell $25,000 at Christie's Auction

Ron Wayne sells his Apple-1 proof documents for $25,000.
Bob Luther's Apple-1 computer sells for $365,000.
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Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Ron Wayne, Apple co-founder
Ron Wayne owned 10% of  the Apple Computer Company (April 1,1976) and was co -founder with Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak.  Ron contributed his business & engineering skills however when the Apple needed to borrow money to build the first 50 Apple-1 computers he did not feel comfortable with his part of the debt responsibility.  Ron Sold his interest in the Apple partnership for about $800 only 12 days after the formation of the partnership.  Ron  was a creative designer and continued his design work after selling his interest including the original Apple logo and schematic  drawings for Apple.

The story of Ron's involvement in  Apple Computer is not well known however their have been some interesting turns of fortune for him.  The 10 % ownership Ron had for 11 days would now be worth about $30 Billion - that is with a B.

Ron was the business guy for Apple and wrote the original partnership agreement between Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and himself.  Copiers were not common then and 3 original copies with all 3 signatures were made.  Ron kept his copy of the contract  in a personal file for years and sold it  in the 90's to a signature collector for $500. That same contract sold December 13th, 2011 for $1.6 million to Eduardo Cisneros at a Sotheby’s auction in New York.

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Bugbook Historical microcomputer museum
Montage of Ron's Documents - Credit Christie's

Ron had a personal file of proofs he helped create at Apple inc. and decided now was the time to make a sale with  interest in Apple is at an all time high.

Mr. Wayne owned the documents that sold today in his collection and did very well at Christie's auction for $25,000. Today was a good day for Ron Wayne.
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I am reading the book now and find it an interesting read - Dave

David Larsen
This was a great auction for Ron Wayne finally getting a good price for his Apple memorabilia 

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