Thursday, February 27, 2014

Medical and School assistance in Dominica by FAIRS N4USA

The days are going by very fast and each one is a busy one with projects. Here is some of the past two days..

Assisting with Medical Supplies
The Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service (FAIRS) has bring medical supplies to the clinics in Dominica for years. The main hospital has also been on our list and many times we help furnish surgical and other supplies .

Their is always a shortage of supplies and even simple things like Tylenol, Aspirin are always in short supply.  Things list blood sugar  testing devices and the test strip that goes with them are needed. We generally bring sutures for the hospitals. These are expensive and always needed.

We are always glad to have help from folks that can furnish some supplies.  FAIRS is a 501-c-3 so we can generally accept item and issue a tax deduction.

On this trip we has some of all the above and lots of other small items.

     David gives a few thoughts about Dominica visit.

                                                Video of donation for  Dr. Fedipe

Assisting with School supplies
Fairs has been coming to Dominica for almost 20 years and we live with our friends, Hetty and Clement Pierre Louis in Wotten Waven while we're here.  For many years, Dave and Gaynell Larsen have been working with the students at the Wotten Waven Primary School.  

A few years ago we were able to move a library of books we had in the little village of Castle Bruce here to Wotten Waven for the children.  They only had 10 books here for the children to use and read and now we have hundreds of books!! 

Every year we try to do a project to improve the school and make learning for enjoyable for the children.  This year we brought "Flash Cards" and wipe-off books the small children can use over and over to learn how to write numbers and letters.

Over the past few years, we've been able to pressure wash the school and surrounding building and and purchase paint and the girl from the US Peace Corp painted the murals on the school and buildings.  It made such a difference in the appearance of the school and brightened up the learning facilities.  

Over the years when FAIRS is here in the village, we take individual pictures of each cf the children - I have them printed out when we get home and send them back for the teacher to pass out.  For some of the children, these are the only pictures they have.

                                     School Supplies for Wotten Waven Dominica video 

If you would like to help FAIRS with projects or school supplies for the school here in Wotten Waven, any help would be greatly appreciated.  

A few more of the days activities 

Silver Lake Popcorn and movie
A popcorn and movies party at Silver Lake with the children. Working with "Love One teach One" here.  This was a real treat for these kids.

Whale watching in \Dominica
Whale watching in \Dominica
Gaynell and Dustin went whale watching a there were at lease 11 whales.

bello Dominica
Meeting with Marketing folks at Bello
David and Clement met with the marketing director and accountant at the Bello factory in Dominica. Bello makes product from fruits and vegetables here in Domonica.  They are best known for the Hot Sauces.

David G Larsen
Today we will visit the kalinago indian village dominica and work with some  children. Will show a movie and have some items for the kids. This is more work with the local group "Love One Teach One"

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