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Daves Blog - I post items about our "Land for Sale by Owner" & "Chantilly Farm" & "Tiny Homes " and my interest Historical Computers. This is a continuation of my Blog about my historical Computer Collection. All 13,000 items in the collection are now located at the "Computer Museum of America" in Roswell, GA.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Bugbook Computer Museum

The Bugbook Microcomputer Museum

The best 300 artifacts from my collection of
13,000 computer items. 

This is just some reminiscing about old times when I had a small historical microcomputer museum in Floyd, Virginia. I moved the entire collection to the "Computer Museum of America" in 2016. I am proud to still be working with historical computers as a Board Member at the "Computer Museum of America".

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Audio / Photo Tour of the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum" - Floyd Virginia

Please note this is not complete - it is a work in  progress with a total of 19 cases of display material, some wall pieces, and Ham or Amateur radio station. 

Next Step is QR code on each cabinet to click on with smart phone and get the audio of that case.
Welcome to the Audio Tour of the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum" Floyd Virginia
                                            David Larsen KK4WW Curator

Click on photo's to enlarge
Case #1 bugbook Computer Museum

Display Case #1 Audio Description "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum'

Case #2 Bugbook Computer Museum
Case #2 Bugbook Computer Museum 

Display Case 2 Bugbook Computer Museum  Audio description

Click on photo's to enlarge

Case #3 Bugbook Computer Museum
Case #3 Bugbook Computer Museum

Display Case #3 Audio Description "Bugbook Computer museum"

Case #4 Bugbook Computer Museum
Case #4 Bugbook Computer Museum

Display Case #4 Audio Description "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum'

Case #5 Bugbook Computer Museum
Case #5 Bugbook Computer Museum


 Display Case #5 Audio Description "Bugbook Computer Museum"

Amateur Radio Station N4USA

   Amateur Radio Station - -Audio description -N4USA in back part of museum

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Case #6 Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum

 Display Case #6 Audio Description "Bugbook Computer Museum"

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Display Case 7 Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum

  Display Case #7 Audio Description "Bugbook Computer Museum"

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Case #8 Bugbook Computer Museum

Display Case #8 Audio Description "Bugbook Computer Museum"

Display Case #9 Audio Description "Bugbook Computer Museum"

Computer Museum
Case #10 Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum

Display Case #10 Audio Description "Bugbook Computer Museum"

computer Museum
Case #11 Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum

 Display Case #11 Audio Description "Bugbook Computer Museum"

Computer museum
Case #12 Bugook Historical Microcomputer Museum

Display Case #12 Audio Description "Bugbook Computer Museum"

david Larsen KK4WW
Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum 

Audio introduction to the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

Chantilly Farm
Chantilly Farm Office in Village Green 3 & 4

Audio Introduction to our "Chantilly Farm Office" here in the Village Green.
Jason Gallimore is our "Event and Festival Planner and Promotions Manager"

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Display #13 Bugbook Computer Museum

Display Case #13 Audio Description "Bugbook Computer Museum"

Display Case #14 Audio Discription "Bugbook Computer Museum"

 Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Display 15 Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum

 Display Case #15 Audio Discription "Bugbook Computer Museum"

 Bugbook Historical Micrcomputer Museum
Display 16 Bugbook Historical Micrcomputer Museum

Display Case #16 Audio Discription "Bugbook Computer Museum"

ASR 33 Teletype
ASR 33 Teletype

ASR 33 Teletype Audio Description "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum'

"Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service" (FAIRS) in the Bugbook Computer Museum.  The Curators of the museum also are Directors of FAIRS.

"Foundation For Amateur International Radio Service" Audio for banner and radio
Station N4USA in the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Datapoint 2200 terminal 

The Datapoint 2200 terminal - was an 8 bit programmable computer that came to market in 1971 --- way before Apple, IBM or Microsoft.

Datapoint 2200 terminal - audio description of the terminal/ computer in the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum'

Apple 1 Computer
Apple 1 computer

We have several original Apple 1 computers in our museum however for security reasons we don't feel comfortable displaying the originals.
This Apple 1 on display is a clone made for our museum by Brandon Cholodenko. It is a beautiful example of the an original Apple 1 and is an operational computer.

Apple 1 computer display in the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum'

David Larsen Blog Author
"by David Larsen"  Chantilly Farm owner, Computer Historian, and amateur radio operator -KK4WW   & N4USA . Now that my large historical collection of  microcomputers has been moved to the "Computer Museum of America"  I work out of one of the Tiny Homes at Chantilly Farm. A great place to work if you like the to be out in nature. I am 81 and ready to sell Chantilly Farm - I have a few more  projects I would like to do - if you have an interest to know more give me a call. 540 392 2392

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Tiny House as Bunk House rental

Tiny House \ Bunkhouse
Chantilly Event & Camping Venue

We have two primitive small tiny house's at Chantilly Farm campground used as bunk house rental units. They are surprisingly popular rentals and super simple & functional.

Tiny House (bunkhouse)A with  Fire Pit. 
The bunkhouses are located in a nice setting with a fire pit for outdoor pleasure and cooking.   Each Bunk house generated about $3000 for the 2019 year. This is a good return as these units have been set up and used on three other farms during the past 10 years. First as a  hunters cabins then moved and used on two other farms as weekend camping cabins for the family.

A good example of reuse of a product.

Video of Bunk Houses - Click

Bunk house A is named
"Cheery Chipmunk"
Camper like the clever way we have named the Tiny Homes after local animals and events. Bunk House A  named "Cheery Chipmunk".  Bunkhouse B is "Rising Rainbow".

WiFi is available at each bunk house from one of the five WiFi towers on the farm. 

Bunk House A interior 
The inside is finished with 2x4  studs shown as part of the interior   wall.  The furnishings include one led light blub - four bunks - one table and 4 chairs. The AC power is minimal and only useful to charge your cell phone or computer.  

Chantilly Farm is very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Bunk beds in Bunk House A.

These are unheated however it is surprising how many times we rent these out in rather cold  weather.  Motorcycle campers really like these bunk houses in place of setting up a small tent.  It is a no brainier  when it is raining to rent a bunkhouse instead of setting up a small tent. Simple bunk beds work just fine and Campers furnish there own bedding. 

Event Area with the large stage
at Chantilly Farm.
A beautiful view of our festival event area from the Bunk House's.

David's tiny house blog postings

David's Tiny House Video Channel

Play area at Chantilly Farm with
Deer grazing.

Book your Bunk House now -
Chantilly Farm Camping

Children's play area with local deer grazing near camping area.

  • Primitive Bunkhouse with 4 twin sleeping bunks (NO MATTRESS - YOU BRING ALL BEDDING!)
  • Plenty of room for an extra air mattress or two
  • One low-amperage outlet for charging a cell phone or laptop (Not suitable for space heaters)
  • Located steps from Bath House A and includes premium views of our meadows and forest
  • Perfect view of the Chantilly Stage
  • Fire pit onsite
  • Wifi
  • 2pm Check-In / 11am Check-Out
  • Open grassy meadows, thick forests with hiking & mountain biking trails, a babbling brook, a bark park for our furry friends, playsets for the kids, clean bath houses, frisbee golf, and more--all just steps away

"by David Larsen"  Chantilly Farm owner, Computer Historian, and amateur radio operator -KK4WW   & N4USA . Now that my large historical collection of  microcomputers has been moved to the "Computer Museum of America"  I work out of one of the Tiny Homes at Chantilly Farm. A great place to work if you like the to be out in nature. I am 81 and ready to sell Chantilly Farm - I have a few more  projects I would like to do - if you have an interest to know more give me a call. 540 392 2392

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Ham Radio Operator Peter UX5DH - life long dream of DXCC

  1. 2020 Ham Radio Christmas Story.

By Victor Goncharsky US5WE/K1WE, FAIRS director for European operations.

New Ham radio technology knocks on our doors. Both youngsters and old timers are involved in the process of learning and using these technological achievements.
The person I’m going to tell this story, Peter Choporov UX5DH, is the ham since early 60s.
Peter is the FAIRS member who was involved in many FAIRS VHF repeater and packet radio projects in Ukraine.

Recently Peter has bought and installed two digital DMR repeaters in Lvov UR0WUB and on Trostian mountain in Carpathians UR0WUC. FAIRS Ukraine has provided the licensing support for this project.
APRS Packet radio nodes UR0WUB-1 and UX5DH-3 in Lvov using the equipment from the “Eurasia Foundation” grant No. 95-0031 “Ukrainian Digital Amateur Radio Network” is being used for this project. These APRS nodes are also being maintained by Peter UX5DH.
In late December 2018 I introduced Peter to a new digital mode FT8 and proposed him to try it by using the equipment he had: ICOM IC7000 transceiver and FD4 multiband dipole. Several weeks were spent to cure RF feedback and bad SWR issues but finally the first FT8 QSO was made on 30m. It did not take long for Peter to become a FT8 addict.
For less then a year almost 7000 QSOs were made on all bands 160 to 6 meters, DXCC awards (Mixed and Digital) were received. As Peter told me, he was dreaming to put DXCC on the wall from his first steps in ham radio when he saw them in Ham Dad Vlad’s U5WF (UB5WF) shack and finally after almost 60 years Peter’s dream came true!

To improve his DXCC Challenge totals on low bands Peter made a full sized horizontal delta loop for 160 meters. This antenna was found to be much better then FD4 both for receive and transmit on 160-40 meters. The table below shows Peter’s DXCC Challenge totals achieved in less then a year with a simple barefoot setup and wire antennas.

So the opinion that DX-ing is easy with FT8 seems to be overestimated but it is wonderful to see Peter’s call UX5DH on the screen and realize that it is possible to come back on the HF bands after many decades of absence and still have a great fun. Welcome aboard, Peter!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Tiny House village makes great corporate offices

Tiny Home Village 
used as 
Chantilly Corporate Offices

Village of 4  tiny houses is located at "Chantilly Farm"  in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains  and 6 miles from the town of Floyd, Virginia.   Chantilly Farm is a campground and event venue.  See " Chantilly Farm''  all the activities here at the farm.  video

Click on photo to enlarge 
One of the 4 Tiny House as part
The Tiny House Village
at Chantilly Farm
Each Tiny house is 390 Sq. feet  in size and set up for full time living however at this time we use each Tiny Home  as office space. The village has many advantages compared to the 4 offices we rented for 17 years in the town of Floyd. Our town offices had no windows and was a boring work environment.  Out here at Chantilly Farm we have 5 windows in each tiny house with wonderful mountain views. The rent in town was getting rather expensive and now we have our own place on the farm.  Most of our business is at Chantilly Farm.

Chantilly Farm
Tiny House Village
The Tiny Houses are tied together with a walkway that connects all the homes very conveniently.  Each home has a front porch that fills the 28 feet of the front side of the  house and makes a great place to watch the sunrise from the East.  The homes are located on the South slope of the hill for great passive heat in the winter and melting our rare snow very quickly. You can see that each Tiny Home as a nice 6 foot wide porch with a covered overhang. Great a place for a rocking chair and watch the deer in the meadow.

Kitchen in the Tiny House
at the Chantilly Farm
Tiny House Village.

Each Tiny Home has a full kitchen at one end with Stove, microwave, Refrigerator, sink , and cabinets.

The homes have a small full function bathroom with shower, vanity and commode.  The hot water is supplied with a tankless on demand hot water heater for efficient use of electricity.

Tiny House Office
at Chantilly Farm
This is the other end same office in the above photo and shows office set up with desk and file cabinets.

This is also a Cyber Village !!
Each Tiny House is wired with 500 feet of CAT-6 internet data cable. There are 10 internet outlets in various parts of each tiny  home.  We can connect about any piece of equipment direct to the internet or connect various pieces of office equipment to digitally communicate with each other.  The 4 Tiny Homes are each connected together with CAT-6 cable for inter office communication. A great office environment.

My office in one of the
Tiny Homes

All 4 Tiny Homes are used as offices. Two are single offices, one serves two staff and one serves 3 staff.

Each home as a nice loft on each end that could be sleeping lofts. We use this lofts for storage space.  You can see the loft on one end in this photo. Nice head room in the loft area.

Ductless heating and air unit
in each Tiny Home.

Each Tiny House has an independent ductless mini split heating and air unit.  Nice - each office can be set independently to satisfy the staff in that office. Very cost effective at about $750.00.

50 Ampere outlet on each home

A 50 amp  outlet has been added each Tiny Home . This allows
us to power visiting Tiny Homes on wheels or Rv's .

A view of the back side of
Chantilly Farm
Tiny Home Village

You can see the bath build out in this photo from the back side of village. The  beautiful view we have from the front of the village. The Blue Ridge Parkway is only a couple of miles away.

View from front deck of
Chantilly Tiny House Village

This is the beautiful view from the deck of the Tiny Home Village. Nice!

It is expected that sometime in the future each of these Tiny Houses will be used as rental property here at Chantilly Farm and camp ground.

Chantilly Farm video
by drone "CLICK"
Chantilly Farm has many amenities along with the Tiny Home Village.  We have a full service campground for tiny homes on wheels & RVs, multipurpose trails for biking or hiking, 9 hole disk golf course, large event barn, large stage. and much, much more.  Click here to see "Chantilly Farm" Web siteYou can click here to see description of  many features of the Farm Venue. Enlarge the photo and you can see the Tiny House Village in center of the photo. Located in a beautiful part of the Blue Ridge Mountains.                 

If you would like to see a list of the hundreds of videos I have made about chantilly farm "Click here"

David Larsen
Chantilly Farm
"by David Larsen"  Chantilly Farm owner, Computer Historian, and amateur radio operator -KK4WW   & N4USA . Now that my large historical collection of microcomputers has been moved to the "Computer Museum of America"  I work out of one of the Tiny Homes at Chantilly Farm. A great place to work if you like the to be out in nature. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bugbook Computer Museum - blog postings by David Larsen

225 Computer Blog Postings  during 
past 8 years by David Larsen
Computer Collector & Historian
September 2019

Click photo to enlarge
Here it is Remington Rand
Univac November 1957
My exposure to digital computers started 62 years ago when the US Navy sent me to computer School at "Remington Rand Univac" in St. Paul Minnesota. It was September 1957. This was an awesome experience for a 19 year old Ham Radio operator. I am not sure I had even heard about digital computers prior to this time.

That is me center back
with the glasses 1957 at
Remington Rand Graduation
We sure did not learn about digital computers in High School  those days (Graduated 1957 Salem, Oregon). Grace Hopper - Famous as one of the first to program the Univac 1 and developer high level languages was at Remington Rand at the time I was there.

After the Navy and just out of college, I worked in the infant Silicon Valley at Fairchild Semiconductor. Some well known computer pioneers were there at the same time in 1964. They were Gordon Moore, Andy Grove and others. They left Fairchild in 1968 and started the now famous "Intel Corporation"

One of the ad posters about
 my"Electronics for Scientist"
Classes at VT
In 1967 I was hired at Virginia Tech to teach about Instrumentation, Electronics and Automated Data Acquisition. I was in this position for 33 years. During this time, the microprocessor chip was created in 1971 by Intel and the microcomputer revolution was up and running. During my 70's at Virginia Tech (VT) I was teaching about microcomputer instrumentation and automation until retiring in 1998.  I had 100's of great experiences during my 33 years at VT. A few were teaching dozens of automation workshops in the US and many foreign countries including the Soviet Union. Working with some colleagues during the 70's and early 80', our group called the "Blacksburg Group", created many of the Bugbooks, microcomputers and teaching aids for electronics and computer interfacing.  It was at this time in the early 70's, I started saving all the old microcomputers and collecting more until it filled a whole warehouse.  When the collection was sent to the Computer Museum of
America it consisted of  13,000 items and weighed in at 31 tons.  WOW, I had no idea the 45 years of collection had so many items. Included were many of the first microcomputers of the 70's including several Apple -1 computers, dozens of Altair computer and much more.

I believe we were the very
first to issue CEU's in the Soviet
Union from a USA university - VT
My Computer Blog posts (All 225) are about the computers in the collection and the folks that made the microcomputer revolution famous.  Mixed in with the blogs are many personal stories about my 62 years dealing with computers from 1957 until the present.

Please look over the list of blog postings and if you have an interest in microcomputer history you should find a few to read.

I am often ask which ones were my most memorable - Here are a few of my favorites.

The Hunt for Apple-1 computers.
My 65 years of Ham Radio.
The MARK 8 Computer.
The Opening of "The Computer Museum of America"

I hope you find a few that are of interest. I would be happy for some comments.

I will be 81 years old in November and time to downsize. I am selling my "Chantilly Farm" and some other properties acquired over the years.  Give me call if you have an interest in being a part of these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.


David makes a few comments about these short stories. 

P.S. There is a search bar on the right of this page - 
You can search all the blogs by name or computer. 

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The newest post is at the top of the list. 


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David Larsen

"by David Larsen" KK4WW Computer Collector/ Historian