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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Apple-1 computer proof documents sell $25,000 at Christie's Auction

Ron Wayne sells his Apple-1 proof documents for $25,000.
Bob Luther's Apple-1 computer sells for $365,000.
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Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Ron Wayne, Apple co-founder
Ron Wayne owned 10% of  the Apple Computer Company (April 1,1976) and was co -founder with Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak.  Ron contributed his business & engineering skills however when the Apple needed to borrow money to build the first 50 Apple-1 computers he did not feel comfortable with his part of the debt responsibility.  Ron Sold his interest in the Apple partnership for about $800 only 12 days after the formation of the partnership.  Ron  was a creative designer and continued his design work after selling his interest including the original Apple logo and schematic  drawings for Apple.

The story of Ron's involvement in  Apple Computer is not well known however their have been some interesting turns of fortune for him.  The 10 % ownership Ron had for 11 days would now be worth about $30 Billion - that is with a B.

Ron was the business guy for Apple and wrote the original partnership agreement between Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and himself.  Copiers were not common then and 3 original copies with all 3 signatures were made.  Ron kept his copy of the contract  in a personal file for years and sold it  in the 90's to a signature collector for $500. That same contract sold December 13th, 2011 for $1.6 million to Eduardo Cisneros at a Sotheby’s auction in New York.

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Bugbook Historical microcomputer museum
Montage of Ron's Documents - Credit Christie's

Ron had a personal file of proofs he helped create at Apple inc. and decided now was the time to make a sale with  interest in Apple is at an all time high.

Mr. Wayne owned the documents that sold today in his collection and did very well at Christie's auction for $25,000. Today was a good day for Ron Wayne.
Learn more about Ron Wayne

Ron's Facebook Page     His Web Site    Twitter  Wikipedia  Story in Computer World

Ron 's early days in the formation of the Apple Computer Company. Video

Ron's book "Adventures of an Apple Founder" at Amazon

I am reading the book now and find it an interesting read - Dave

David Larsen
This was a great auction for Ron Wayne finally getting a good price for his Apple memorabilia 

Apple-1 computer sale $365,000 at Christie's Auction December 11,2014

Apple-1 computer sold for $365,000 at Christie's Auction today.    

Apple 1 sold at Christie's - credit Christie's
The Bob Luther had the only surviving Apple-1 Computer to come with proof that it was personally sold by Steve Jobs sold at Christie's  auction.  The sale included a canceled check made out to 'Apple Computer' in July 1976 for the $600 purchase price. Christie's Auction estimated its value to be between $400,000 and $600,000. The Apple-1 was originally the property of Charles Rickett's, who wrote the check to Apple for $600, along with the words "Purchased 1976 from Steve Jobs in his parents' garage in Los Altos."  This example is the only known surviving Apple-1 documented to have been sold directly by Steve Jobs.

More info about the Christie's Auction 

Bob Luther purchased Charles Rickett's Apple-1 at a Sheriffs sale in December 2004. Bob relates how he read about the sale in a tiny classified ad for an auction in the Washington Post in his book "the first Apple".

The Apple-1 computer was designed by Steve Wozniak - Only 200 were manufactured and sold in 1976/77. About 60 are known to still exist in museums and private collections. The previous sale of   Apple 1 computer was in  October of this year at Bonhams Auction  for $905,000. The Henry Ford organization was the buyer at the Bonhams Auction (reported Reuters) , which plans to display the computer in its museum in Dearborn, Michigan.The Auction Team Breker sold and Apple 1 May 25th 2013 for $671,400. Information about other Apple 1 computer sales "CLICK".

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Apple 1 computer 
The Apple 1 was not very popular because it was only a computer-on-a-board and the user had to add a keyboard, power transformers, &  display. Steve Wozniak realized he needed a more user friendly computer & started to design the Apple-ll before all the Apple-1's were sold.  The Apple Company took  the Apple-1 computers as a trade in for the much better Apple ll .

Steve Jobs sold his VW and Steve Wozniak sold his HP calculator to start their Apple business.The Apple Company may not have succeed if Steve Jobs had not been successful in selling the first 50 Apple-1 computers to Paul Terrell for his Byte Shop computer stores. This $25,000 sale was the financing needed to get Apple started. It was not easy for the Steve's to interest investors to provide start up funds. One person approached was Stan Veit owner of the first computer store on the East Coast.  Jobs offered a 10 percent ownership of the Apple Company if Stan would invest $10,000. Stan turned the offer down with the idea that his money was better used in his own "Computer Mart" in New York. The interesting stories about the Apple-1 and the start of the Apple company by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs are endless & the "Apple-1 computer" started what is now one of the most successful businesses in the world.  
More Apple-1 computer news
Ron Wayne's Apple computer proof documents sold for $25,000 today at Christie's.

David Larsen.

The Apple-1 computer continues to bring big prices and is  a unique microcomputer . Bob Luther says he may use the funds to purchase an original 1964 Chevrolet Corvette to add to his antique car colletion.

"by David Larsen"  KK4WW Computer Collector Historian   

Saturday, December 6, 2014

American Radio & Computer History - Two million pages of AM FM & TV Broadcasting history online

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
David Gleason in early days - credit his web site
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David Gleason's web site is loaded with pdf's of hundreds of radio magazines that had early microcomputer related articles including Radio Eletronics, Popular Electronics and other consumer electronics magazines - a real wealth of information. David estimates he has two million pages on line.  I have looked at several locations on his site and found it very useful for history buffs for a variety of  electronic topics. The listing are radio related however computer historians will find  Byte Magazine .
Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Byte Magazine issue #1

David had impressive career in radio broadcasting and you can see this in his "David Gleason on the Web" . I wonder how Gleason was able to scan all these pages - someone must have burned a lot of 'midnight oil'.   The research David has done on his own family is fascinating reading going back to at least 1800.

A very big project to assemble all this data on a web site - for everyone  interested in radio history his work is available in an easy to navigate format. Have fun using David Gleason's 2,000,000 pages of radio history.

David Larsen
The American Radio History site is loaded with information and I have added it to my "microcomputer history and web sites and blogs" reference list of computer historical information.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

N4USA Amateur Radio Station at the Computer Museum

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Readers of my blog postings know me mostly as the Computer Collector and Curator of the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"   however our LCF Group has several other entities we actively manager here in Floyd, Virginia.

Amateur Radio station N4USA is part of the "Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service"  (FAIRS) -- a none profit foundation with the mission statement of "International Good Will Though Amateur Radio" . The LCF Group has been directing the activities for FAIRS for 22 years with projects in many countries. The "LCF Group" consist of myself David Larsen KK4WW, Gaynell Larsen KK4WWW & Dee Wallace KG4VMI.

Click on photo to enlarge 
Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Gaynell KK4WWW op at N4USA Computer Muaeum
N4USA is active from the museum in Floyd, VA with nice hf station with beam antenna on building next door and 500 watt amplifier. Several VHF and UHF antenna and rigs are also operational at the museum amateur radio station.

Here is Gaynell Larsen KK4WWW operating at N4USA. Gaynell is one of the FAIRS directors along with David Larsen KK4WW & Dee Wallace KG4VMI.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Amateur Radio Beam at N4USA Museum

The N4USA 3 element hf beam at 45 feet on building next to the museum. We have a 40 meter dipole on the same building in Floyd, Virginia.

Join N4USA every Sunday, Tuseday & Thursdays on 14,318.5Mhz at 1200z for radio schedule with our Caribbean and South American Ham friends.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Clement J73CPL operating N4USA @ Chantilly

Our second N4USA station is located about 6 miles from the museum at Chantilly Farm. The operation from the farm is excellent with no industrial noise and on a mountain ridge at 2600 feet in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
N4USA antenna at Chantilly Farm

The beam antenna at N4USA Chantilly is on a 35 foot crank up tower and works very good. A G5RV is used for other hf bands and several UHF/VHF antenna's & transceivers are part of the station.

That is Dave KK4WW  cranking up the beam.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
lr Dave Larsen KK4WW ,Vlad Goncharsky U5WF

FAIRS was formed as an Amateur Radio nonprofit in 1992 after a trip to the Soviet Union in October of 1990. The 11 FAIRS founders realized that a group of amateur radio hams had no recognition or ability to function at high government levels & applied for the nonprofit charter. Dave KK4WW shown here with Vlad Goncharsky (RT) U5WF. Vald was FAIRS member #3 and a very good friend until his death several years ago.  FAIRS members made about 20 visits to the former Soviet Country Ukraine from 1990 to 2007.  Amateur radio projects are still on going by FAIRS in Ukraine by Victor Goncharsky US5WE.

I was fortunate to  have funds to take a professional film maker on one of our Ukraine/Russia visits in 1992. Jerry Shelor (Film Maker from Virginia Tech) and our group carried 400lbs of video equipment  (AN Iphone would do the job today) on this trip of 4 weeks.  Jerry made a wonderful documentarty of that trip and you can see it here "FAIRS in the former Soviet Union" CLICK

A few samples of FAIRS projects at home and International.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Boy Scout JOTA at N4USA Chantilly Farm

Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts operating Scout Jamboree on the Air from N4USA at Chantilly. The local Floyd Amateur Radio Society W4FCV and the Amateur Radio Club from Virginia Tech K4KDJ assisted this 2014 JOTA.

Here is a short video clip from the JOTA CLICK

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Floyd County High School Radio Club N4FCH
FAIRS assisting the Floyd Amateur Radio Society with the club station at the Floyd County High School N4FCH.

Dee Wallace KG4VMI (FAIRS teaching some radio skills- center is Tom King W4VZH (W4FCV club) directing the club day at the High School. Chris Walters is on the right one of the club members.

The Floyd County Amateur Radio Society members have installed a very nice hf  UHF & Vhf station at the school. The antennas are on the roof of the school and it is a nice location to operate from with good signals.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Bioche Dominica 

FAIRS operates from the Caribbean Island of Dominica as J79USA. Various grants of funds and equipment have been made to the amateur operators of Dominica during the past 18 years.

Here is a fish of gratitude for donating a computer to a fishing village project. We ate the fish and it was very good with the Caribbean spices. Yum Yum.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Joseph J73JT Dominica

This is J73JT Joseph on the East Coast of Dominica (Castle Bruce) one many hams FAIRS assisted with equipment to enable the Island to have backup Emergency Radio Communication.

Video of Joseph in Castle Bruce , Dominica 

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
FAIRS Banner

The FAIRS banner with logo. We use this at many functions and Ham Radio Fest -- FAIRS has had a commercial booth at the Dayton Hamvention for more than 20 years, Whenyou visit the Hamvention come by and say HI - we are usually at space 412 near ARRL.


David Larsen
FAIRS is an Amateur Radio Membership group and We would like to have you and other hams that like and believe in the work of FAIRS to be members. You can sign up on this page at the FAIRS website

Friday, November 28, 2014

Computer Museum Assistant Curator Emily Wilson is off to College

Floyd, Virginia 
Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
LR David Larsen - Emily Wilson 
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I am sad and glad today 11-25-14. Sad because Emily Wilson is leaving the position  of Assistant Museum Curator and glad because she is attending college to pursue a degree as a medical laboratory technician. I am always happy for our staff to move on to pursue their dreams.  Emily began work as Assistant Curator after High School graduation last June and has been a tremendous help to improve our museum. She worked on improving all the displays and was a great host to museum visitors.We will miss Emily and can only wish her well in this new adventure and career.

To enlarge "CLICK" on Photo
Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
LR David Larsen - Emily Wilson 

Here is me your Museum Curator with Emily and some of our 20 cabinets and shelves of displays that she helped make into a welcome experience for our visitors. Emily helped make video's, QR codes for hearing a description of a vintage computer with a smart phone by just clicking on the code, writing description of many displays - & much more. Emily was great as assistant curator in our museum. Thank You , Emily for all the help.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Musem
Alice Cox - Planting trees at Chantilly RV Park
Alice Cox  has been helping at our Chantilly Farm and  occasionally at the museum. Alice will be working as Assistant Curator off and on as time allows. Alice came to work the same time as Emily after High School Graduation last Spring. Alice and Emily both started as Summer Interns and continued working into the Fall. Alice was off to college at Virginia Tech this fall however she had a great opportunity when voted in as the state office for FFA as state Recorder & continued here at the LCF group.  Her position with FFA for the year is not full time and when not assisting the FFA Alic is working with our LCF Group. Alice is mostly working as a manager at of the grounds at our Chantilly Farm just a few miles from the museum. We are delighted with the assistance Alice has provided as we develop the farm festival venue and new full service RV and Camp grounds.  She will continue her work here at the museum and farm for this school year and then start at Virginia Tech in the fall of 2015 working on her Agricultural Education degree.  We are sure happy to have her here for until she is off to college in the Fall of 2015.

David Larsen
We are all home for the Thanksgiving Holiday - several of our  team were without power for a few days but all is OK now Friday November 28th.  At our house we will have about 32 family members here for dinner - this is day after Thanksgiving however two turkeys are ready to be served. A Happy and Great Thanksgiving to all our readers and we will miss Emily when we start back at the Museum on Monday.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Apple-1 computers annual inspection & Apple-1 computer at auction.

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Fridays are always interesting working with Grayson Van Beuren. Grayson visits the museum Friday,s as part of his Graduate Independent Study project. This week we brought the Apple 1 computers from the bank vault to the museum for an annual inspection. Apple-1 at auction next month -- see story at end of blog.

Click on photo to enlarge 
Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Apple 1 Computer 

Grayson giving an Apple-1 a good visual exam. The Apple 1 computers were operational the last time they were powered up however we have no reason apply power for each annual inspection. It will be an easy task to make them operational when needed. The logic of the computer is not complex and problems are easy to repair.  Steve Wozniak's design of the Apple 1 uses a minimum of IC chips. A very clever design.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Apple 1 Computer

Grayson and I gave all four Apple-1 computers a good inspection and found them continue to be in excellent condition.  These computers are on Mike Willegal's "Apple 1 Registry" as numbers 13,22,42, & 55 in the Registry list "Summary of Apple 1s".

Bob Luther's Apple-1 and Ron Wayne's proofs of Apple documents to be sold at Christie's Auction December 11,2014.

LR- Ron Wayne & Steve Wozniak - credit Bob Luther

Ron Wayne & Steve Wozniak , Apple's remaining co-founders, met Monday November 17th 2014 to talk about the growing interest in Apple memorabilia.  Ron Wayne was one of the original 3 owners of the Apple Company. Ron sold his 10 percent interest in the company for about $800 12 days after the owners agreements were signed. The Ron Wayne story is not generally known by the public.

Bob Luther arranged this meeting  to help Wayne sell his original Apple working proofs . These proofs and Bob Luther's Apple-1 will be sold by Christie's Auction December 11, 2014. You can see part Ron Wayne's interview in Bob Luther's Book "the First Apple" in my blog.

Here is interesting video of Ron Wayne telling how he was involved in the founding of the Apple Computer company.

David Larsen
Christie's auction of Bob Luthers  Apple-1 computer and Ron Wayne's working proofs is only 50 days after Bonham's auction of an Apple-1 computer for $905,000 This will be interesting - what is your prediction of the selling price ??

Monday, November 17, 2014

Computer Museum Curator's Birthday -David Larsen KK4WW is 76 November 17,2014

Your Museum Curator David, brothers Howard & Chris 
This time of year I always reflect on where I have been for the past 76 years (November 17,1938) and what is ahead for the next unknown years. A reflection on my family of 5 brothers & one sister always comes to mind first. The family is small now with only 3 of us brothers still kicking dirt above ground.  Chris (82 years),brother Howard (93 years) and myself  remaining. My parents were just great folks and they grew up in hard times during the early 1900's and Great Depression. Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles long gone now and memories faded.
Happy Birthday Dave

I grew up during the 40's & 50's & the Aunts & Uncles were scattered far and wide from my home and I did not get to know any of them very well.   Cousin's - their are many dozens and I know only a few of them - This is so sad for me.

I do get together as often as possible with my two brothers and always wonder - Will this be the last time?

Brother Howard is a writer and he wrote this "Ode" about our mother. He is correct she was a great Mom always showing us her love. Mother was born in 1899, 99 years old and died in 1999. We enjoyed her loving care for many years.
An Ode To Mother”

I was standing by mother's bedside, watching and praying, as she lay in her tilted bed. Passing the time was very sad. God entered my soul and changed things. “Your mother is on her way to heaven to spend the rest of her days with dad.” Dad went to heaven several years ago. I lost my best friend.

You have been such a comfort to me mom. Your ninety nine years on earth have finally come to an end. As I walk this earth and get older each day, I'll have the rest of the family to enjoy as they work or play.

My children grew up knowing their Grandma. Her love was something they always would feel. At the end of the day before leaving, you would make them a tasty cooked meal. You never had a harsh word, always giving praise when I was around. Mothers and Grandmothers like you are someone that's hard to be found.

When I was just a youngster, we lived on a farm in the woods. You were always up early doing chores and working real hard. When that work was finished you chopped wood in the yard. We bathed ourselves in a galvanized tub. You were always there to give us a scrub.

In the winter you were outside working sometimes in the wind and blowing snow. You never gave up till your face turned red. Then you would go inside, clean up, put some wood in the old cook stove and make cinnamon rolls, and homemade bread. These are the things you did all your life, besides making my dad a wonderful wife. You lived several years after dad passed away, just part of your family is left here to stay.

I will stay here for the rest of my life remembering the good, forgetting the sad. You will be resting in heaven while living with dad. “Goodbye Mother” As you have been lifted above, you have left this earth with all of my love.

I am feeling good now forgetting the sad. When you are resting in heaven say hello and give my love to Dad.
Your Loving Son Howard

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Dad Will, me  & Mom Ruth  1945

This photo brings back the good memories of my mother and father. I was 7 years old in 1945 and in the back ground in a 1941 Chevrolet - just delivered. Dad ordered the Chevy in 1941 however World War ll delayed the delivery by 4 years.

David Larsen
I am counting down - only 24 to go ?  Could be 24 years or 24 seconds & I vote for the 24 years but sure know I don't have full control of the timing.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vintage Computers - Microcomputers on display at "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum".

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Here is a look at one of 20 display cases in our museum.

Click on photo to enlarge for good look
Case #5 Bugbook Computer Museum
Case #5 Bugbook Computer Museum

Here are some of the older computers in our museum 

Most interesting 3 for me is in this display are the Mark 8 on right of second shelf down - then the 1972 Intel 8008 development system (Blue one on left 3rd shelf down )-
next is the Intellec 4 Intel 4004 development system on lower left.

 Curator David describes computers in this showcase.

David Larsen
I wish I had more space for computers in our museum however I have tried to have the most interesting computers on display. Maybe someday I will have a much larger display or someone else may be able to put my collection on display in a more complete museum. It is still a real pleasure for me to have our little "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum". 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Vintage - Apple-1 Computer Clone operational at the "Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum"

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NEWS FLASH - Bob Luther is selling his "First Apple 1 Computer"  December 11,2014 at Christie's Auction.  Sold for $365,000
Click on photos to enlarge
bugbook Historical Microcomputer museum
Apple 1 clone display 
Apple-1 clone is operational and running programs just fine here in our museum. Grayson Van Beuren as part of his Graduate Independent Studies at Virginia Tech (VT) has been helping with interactive operational retro computers. This week the Apple 1 clone was tested and executes programs just fine. Grayson comes  to the museum every Friday for a several hours in the afternoon and we work together on projects for his studies. He is a very enthusiastic and a joy for me to spend time with in the museum. The museum is about a 50 minute drive from the VT campus and this study project takes up a lot of his Friday's.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Grayson Van Beuren

Grayson loading cassette Basic into the Apple-1. Basic loads fine using this old Walkman cassette player.

Grayson usually takes a vintage computer back to campus and works from home some Friday's. This is good use of his time and reduces his travel time to Floyd.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Running Apple 1 Basic 
The computer executes Basic just fine and is a popular display for our museum visitors.
Brandon Cholodenko assembled this Apple-1 clone for our museum by  starting with the Mimeo Apple-1 PC board from Mike Willegal. Brandon assembling of the Apple clone was great - it worked perfectly out of the box. 
This  Mimeo Apple-1 is just the ticket to get our original Apple-1 operational. The same power transformers and keyboard can be used operating the original Apple 1's.

                                              Operational Apple 1 Clone Computer

It was a busy Friday for Gayson with a visit to the museum warehouse on the trip back to VT.

Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum
Grayson in Computer  Museum Warehouse

Grayson and a view inside the warehouse.  The warehouse contains 10,000 items  all entered on the professional museum software "Past Perfect". It has taken at least 5 years of intermittent work to get the inventory cataloged and entered into our collection database. The 10,000 items represent my 45 years of collecting and includes various computer memorabilia. I thank my summer student interns for entering most of data into "Past Perfect".

David Larsen, KK4WW
Grayson Van  Beuren & Apple Lisa computer
Grayson inspecting the Apple section of the warehouse looking at several Lisa computers.

The museum original Apple-1 computers are not in the warehouse. They are stored in the local commercial bank vault. I would not even trust having them at home. The house could burn down and they would be gone for good. The bank seems to be the best solution for storing safely.

Bugbook, Bugooks,, Apple 1
Grayson Van Beuren with Core Memory
Grayson inspects a core memory stack.  This core 18 boards with 18 X 18 bit words. This is a total of 326 18 bit words of core memory. I really hugh box for so few words - yep really big cores. This demonstration memory module was donated to our museum by Dr. Thomas Haddock author of  "A Collector's Guide to Personal Computers and Pocket Calculators" you will find this book listed in our books for collectors.

David Larsen
The curators here at the museum always look forward to working with Grayson. We are all learning new things from this independent study project.